Nokia Lumia 625
Nokia Lumia 625 3.8 5 64 64
great for the price I've had quite a few lumia's since their release and i can't say i have had a bad one - simple to use and navigate around. I've seen many reviews with people complaining about one thing or another and i have to disagree with all of them. Im currently on the 625, I've also got the 920 and the 800 - the 625 is just as good as the others for day to day use and i find the camera perfectly fine for uploading to Facebook or twitter - its a social networking phone not a piece of equipment for making the next exhibit at the tate gallery. As far as the apps are concerned, I've had no problem in finding apps i need and use daily. The phone as nice and slim and really comfortable to hold in the hand. So for all you haters out there - stick to your boring old iphones or your battery starved androids and leave the Nokia range alone 5 November 2013
A great phone at a great price. I love this phone. It is fantastic value. It does everything I want from a phone. The camera takes super pics outside. It is very easy to own and use. The battery life is not too bad either for a smart phone. 30 October 2013
Great Phone Great Windows phone at a great price. Good offers on music. Easy to navigate Windows 8. Lots of cool apps. Feels good in your hands, good big screen, thanks Nokia! 21 September 2013
Great phone but... I really like the phone but I think that the placement of the power button could have been thought out a little bit better. I preferred my 710 which has the power button on the top and recessed. Other than that it is great value and overall an excellent choice. 6 November 2013
amazing phone I would definitely recommend this phone to anyone who loves twitter, Facebook, instagram etc. At first I was a bit confused as I didn't have a Microsoft account but it soon all made sense! I got a Nokia Lumia 625 yesterday and charged it last night, I've had no problem with charge yet and its nearly the end of the day. Apps are slightly limited but the camera is amazing for a 5MP, it can take some stunningly clear images which can be massively improved but the built in photo editors and lenses such as panorama. I love being able to change the box colours and sizes in the home screen! This phone might not suit anyone who hasn't had a phone before but it is great for almost everything. Overall this phone is VERY amazing for the price! 5 January 2014
Great value for money I upgraded from a Lumia 800 because some apps I use don't rotate or zoom and my eyes aren't as good as they used to be, so I was looking for a larger screen. The resolution and brightness isn't as good as the 920 but perfect when your eyesight is fading, high resolution doesn't help when you have to hold the phone at arms length to focus. SD card is a great addition, but miss zune support, I quite liked it. I'm surprised how fingerprints show up much more than the 800, but gorilla glass 2 stays scratch free without any protection. The removable cover is excellent and looks part of the phone in the same way that the 800 is a one piece construction. It can easily be mistaken for a phone of twice the price, the Nokia apps add real value. 30 October 2013
can not buy a better one for this money!!! Great response, super easy to use, big display, assome apps like satnav full europe and works great,great windows platform....I bought it as a temporary phone ... my iphone 4s got stollen....I don't need other one...very happy with Nokia... 31 October 2013
Bang for Buck Excellent handset at an excellent price. People easily think it costs considerably more. Nice shape, feel and big screen to boot. For Business devices, you can't beat the Lumia range. 26 September 2013
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