Nokia Lumia 920 - Does my Lumia phone have the Black update installed?

To check if your phone has the Black update installed, go to Settings > extras+info. If yes, you will see Lumia Black on Extras+info, next to Software release. 

If you have the latest update on your phone but it does not have Lumia Black extras, scan the QR codes with your phone:

  1. Press the Search button.
  2. Tap on Vision (eye icon) at the bottom at the screen and hold up your phone to capture the QR code provided below.
  3. If successful, a small thumbnail of the QR code along with a description of a web link will appear on screen.
  4. Tap the web link and it will take you to the Store to update the Nokia app.



Download the updated app here from the Store.



Download the updated app here from the Store.