PureMotion HD+ display


Stunning videos and photos taken with the PureView camera are best enjoyed on the PureMotion HD+ screen.

A film about the best display: Nokia PureMotion

Please note that this video is designed to convey the benefits of PureMotion as a technology explanation. The images shown in the video above are animations, as such they are representations rather than exact references our products which support these features


Pixels light up twice as fast on the Lumia 920 display than on competing smartphones. This offers you the best viewing quality of moving content. Watch a movie in the dark, flip through photos, scroll through contacts – they might be moving, but they’ll be sharper than ever before.


The contrast and colours of PureMotion HD+ display adapt automatically based on the surrounding light. It makes photos and videos easier to see in bright sunlight and in pitch black. Crisp and readable every day.

High Pixel Count

1280x768, to be precise. It means you can enjoy your videos, emails and web pages on a bigger screen than those of our competitors’ 720p HD screens.