Nokia Universal Fast USB Charger AC 60

AC60 Hero v3

Money. Keys. Phone.

Leaving the house without your smartphone is like forgetting your trousers – you feel naked without it. We rely on them for everything from shopping to socialising. Whether it’s at work or walking the dog, smartphones are our most-used device.

The world’s moving faster – transport’s quicker and communication’s instant. As technologies advance, not only do we expect more powerful batteries for our smartphones, but we also demand quicker charging times.


Fast-forward to now

With bigger screens, faster networks and more apps available for download than ever before, creating a powerful battery that cuts waiting time is a must for the future of technology.


The 1.5A Nokia Universal Fast USB Charger AC-60 has been designed to work up to 20% faster than a 1.3A charger. Built with intelligent charging, it adapts to the properties of the USB cable to reduce the effects of cable resistance. Put into context, this means an empty battery charged by the AC-60 would have 35% more power after the first 30 minutes than a battery topped up with a 1.3A charger.


Universally compatible, the AC-60 charges any device with a USB connection, including cameras, music players and phones from Sony, Samsung, HTC, and Blackberry among others. Plus the Nokia AC-60 has been specifically designed to support the fast-charging capabilities of the new generation of Nokia Lumia devices – letting you boost their battery power fast.

When it comes to technology, there’s no point in wasting time. Get the fastest charging speed you can and enjoy life full of energy.


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