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Meet Alejandro, Global Supply Chain Delivery Planner from Belgium


A conversation with Alejandro: starting my Nokia Journey

Welcome to an insightful conversation with Alejandro Trias Carratu, a recent addition to the Nokia family. Alejandro, who hails from Argentina, now serves as a Global Supply Chain Delivery Planner in Belgium. In this engaging dialogue, we'll delve into Alejandro's journey at Nokia, his impressions, challenges, and the alignment of personal values with Nokia's culture. Alejandro shares his experiences, insights into the workplace culture, and how he balances professional and personal life. Join us as we explore his career and the positive impact he's making within the company.

Q: Let's start with a warm welcome to Alejandro, who recently joined the Nokia family as a Global Supply Chain Delivery Planner. Alejandro, can you tell us when you became a part of Nokia?

Alejandro: Absolutely, I joined Nokia just five months ago.

Q: Alejandro, could you share your career journey with Nokia so far? How long have you been with us, and have you had the chance to work in multiple countries?

Alejandro: I originally hail from Argentina but was already working in Belgium when I had the privilege of joining the Nokia team in Antwerp.

Q: What were your initial impressions when you joined Nokia, and what led you to choose Nokia as your new workplace?

Alejandro: When I decided to join Nokia, it wasn't a leap of faith. I had friends and acquaintances who had worked here and spoke highly of the work environment. Their satisfaction was a crucial factor in my decision to come on board.


Q: Can you describe your current role and the primary responsibilities you have within the company?

Alejandro: As a Supply Chain Delivery Planner, my primary task is to plan and ensure that materials are delivered to our customers according to the agreed schedules.

Q: How has Nokia supported your professional development through training, mentorship, or growth opportunities?

Alejandro: Nokia offers an array of courses and tools that I've been able to utilize to enhance my skills. In addition, my team has been a tremendous source of support, helping me become proficient in my daily tasks.

Q: Share with us your insights into your team dynamics, workplace culture, and how they contribute to your daily experience.

Alejandro: We function as a cohesive team, collaborating and helping each other to achieve our goals and meet our targets. Furthermore, our work environment is characterized by mutual respect and camaraderie, making each day at the office a pleasant one.


Alejandro with his colleagues

Q: How have your roles evolved over time, and what opportunities or advancements have you pursued within the company?

Alejandro: I've had the opportunity to take part in the OUT Leaders Diversity program, edition 2024, which marks an exciting step in my journey.

Q: In your view, how does your work impact the success of the company, and how does it affect people's day-to-day lives?

Alejandro: In simple terms, my job ensures that Nokia's materials are delivered to our partners. As a result of our well-executed work, I'm constantly delighted that our partners are satisfied.

Q: How do your personal values align with Nokia's?

Alejandro: Nokia has provided a space for me to be myself, fostering an open and friendly environment where everyone is treated equally, regardless of their background or preferences.

Alejandro with his colleagues

Q: Share your thoughts on maintaining a healthy work-life balance and how the company supports this aspect. Also, tell us about your hobbies.

Alejandro: We engage in team activities where we can spend quality time with colleagues, such as The Colorful Café. Additionally, we often gather after work, creating connections that enhance our daily work experience.

Q: Can you recall memorable moments, events, or interactions that have left a lasting impression on your career journey?

Alejandro: For me, the most beautiful moments are when we hang out with colleagues and, as a team, achieve our goals together.

Q: Is there anyone you would like to express gratitude to in this conversation who has played a significant role in your career?

Alejandro: I don't want to miss the opportunity to thank the entire Supply Chain team, especially the Delivery Planning team, for being outstanding colleagues and remarkable people.

Q: Thanks for speaking with us Alejandro. We wish you continued success and a long career here at Nokia.

Alejandro: Thank you for having me!