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Graduate and internship opportunities in Belgium


Join us in Belgium and create the technology to connect the world

In Belgium we hold a strong position within the group as one of the “All Function Hubs”, locations at the heart of the company with a concentration of most skills. Our campus in Antwerp host amongst others the headquarters of Fixed Networks, a major IP R&D department, activities in Cloud and customer experience and our innovation center Bell Labs, working on mid and longer term fundamental research.

Whether you will graduate in 2018 or later, there is always a place for you at Nokia. Are you studying Computer Science, Telecom, Electronics or ICT engineering?

Antwerp campus is the place to be for you: feel encouraged to innovate and work with us on the next generation technologies that will shape the future.

Discover our teams

Fixed Networks 
Fixed Networks is designing ultra-high capacity DSL and optical fiber solutions, used to connect 100s of millions of households in the world’s largest and most advanced networks.

IP and Optical Networks - Routing R&D
We strive to evolve and transform modern networks to enable the next phase of the cloud and machine era of communications and deliver the IP network of the future.

IP and Optical Networks - Deepfield
Deepfield is a Nokia-owned company that builds the analytic and security solutions that monitor and defend over 90% of internet backbone networks. We produce cutting-edge research at the intersection of data science, visualization, and network analytics, and we create, deploy, and maintain the largest global network analytics platform.

IP and Optical Networks - Nuage Networks R&D
In Nuage Networks we bring a unique combination of ground breaking technologies and unmatched networking expertise, delivering a massively scalable SDN solution for the Datacenter and the Wide Area Network.

IP and Optical Networks - Virtual Networks Orchestration
The team brings together all the most recent innovations in Programmable Networks and Software Technologies into a Nokia-internal start-up, aimed at radically innovating the automation of Network Services across all possible Clouds.

IP and Optical Networks - New Product Introduction
The team convinces telecom operators to select Nokia for delivering applications and services to their end users by demonstrating the capabilities of our IP products.

Nokia Bell Labs
Nokia Bell Labs is one of the world’s leading research institutions, chartered with producing disruptive innovations for the next phase of human existence. With expertise in analytics, cloud, fixed, optics and wireless technologies and by collaborating openly with the global innovation community, we are seeking the technology solutions that will transform the connected world, enhancing the speed, capacity, efficiency and reliability of data, and the increasing automation and digitization of our lives. For 90 years, scientific breakthrough at Nokia Bell Labs has fundamentally transformed the ICT industry, and has yielded 8 Nobel Prizes.

Discover our opportunities

Discover our permanent positions

Review our internship opportunities

You can always apply to our opportunities, both jobs and internships, online at this link.

Upon receiving your application, we will review it and will get in touch with you for the feedback.

If you are applying for an internship, you’ll be contacted by the internship coach to schedule the interview. If you are applying for a permanent position, we foresee a technical interview combined with an HR orientation interview.

We love personal contacts and enjoy meeting the candidates in our Antwerp campus. If you happen to be abroad, no worries, we will organize a virtual interview to connect.


Meet our people


Marie Verbist, ASIC/FPGA design and validation engineer, Fixed Networks

During my job hunt, Nokia caught my attention as an innovative and ambitious company, with a clear focus on quality. From day 1, I felt like part of the team, working towards a common goal. My own skills and responsibilities have grown every day since and I look forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead!

Korhan Kayhan

Korhan Kayhan, New Product Introduction and Network Design Engineer

Nokia has been the pioneer of telecommunications; it is a great school to learn cutting-edge information technologies, a great company where work and life are in balance, an organization with high ethics standards and a global team where you meet people willing to help and share their knowledge. During my career at Nokia I learned a lot, met awesome people, had many opportunities to travel, and never got bored of my job. If you are willing to improve yourself and take on more challenges, there is always an opportunity in this great company!

Cedric De Herdt

Cedric De Herdt, DSL Physical Layer Architect, Fixed Networks

Being able to work on the latest technology, knowing that it will impact telecom operators throughout the world is what I was looking for as an engineer. Working on challenging projects within a highly diverse team allows me to learn quickly and gain experience to make a difference. Now I’m leading part of the team I started in several years ago.


Read more stories from our employees and join us for an internship or for a permanent position.