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Innovation for IoT verticals

Connected cities

Enabling the human possibilities of smart, safe and sustainable cities


Safety and security

Extreme solutions for extreme situations: Rapid, robust, reliable, secure


Connected automotive

Safe roads and airspace by connecting all vehicles


Connected industries

Enabling the 4th industrial revolution


Innovation for humanitarian aid

Technology for good

We believe in the power of technology to save and improve lives by providing high-end solutions to first responders in emergencies and disasters and supporting NGOs, rescue teams and public organizations to reach and cover in risk locations. Using technology to make people’s lives better is the heart of Nokia’s vision and promise and it’s how we exercise our social responsibility.

The Nokia Saving Lives project demonstrates the power of technology to save lives by combining mobile communications technology with drones and applications like real-time high-definition video and infrared camera, to enable communications in emergencies or disasters so that first responders can provide the fastest possible response in helping people. Inspired by achievements of Nokia saving lives, now we are looking for solutions which are using technology to improve sustainability and security, to provide accessible health for everyone and to enable people to learn and thrive.

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Nokia saving lives

The Nokia Saving Lives initiative establishes a control center in a disaster location which analyzes data using Nokia Video Analytics technology to derive useful insights that enable quick decision-making for prioritizing tasks for efficient and safe rescue operations