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After submitting, can I still edit it?

Yes, you can edit your submission any time before September 6, 2018.

Can I make multiple submissions?

Yes, if you have multiple ideas and proof of concepts.

How can I check the status of my submission?

You can check it in the platform submission dashboard.

I tried to submit my idea, but it wasn’t successful, what should I do?

Please try again and if it does not work you can email it to:

What about the intellectual property?

You own all rights, title and interest in your submission.

When should I hear from you about my submission?

The Nokia Open Innovation Challenge 2018 is receiving submissions from July 5th to September 6th. Finalists will be selected in October and all participants will be contacted about the result at the same time.

Can I see jury’s comments?

Feedback will be provided upon request; however, all participants will be contacted after the evaluation.

Who is on the jury?

Experts from various Nokia units and representatives from NGP Capital.

What are the evaluation criteria?

Innovativeness, feasibility and scalability of the idea. Submissions will be assessed considering the joint business potential as well.

What is Bell Labs?

Bell Labs is the research arm of Nokia and one of the world’s foremost technology research organizations. We are well known for inventing and perfecting many of the cornerstone technologies that have defined the majority of information technology and communications systems over the past century. Over the years, eight Nobel Prizes shared by 13 Bell Labs researchers have been awarded for work completed at Bell Labs that was focused on solving ‘10x’ type problems. Find out more about Bell Labs.