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Bell Labs Consulting - Modeling and Analysis

This area will feature demonstrations of several Bell Labs Consulting developed tools and insight designed to help cable operators plan and make informed technology decisions.  

Gigabit access techno-economic analysis – Live demonstration of the “zones of advantage” model that, based on parameters entered, identifies optimal access technologies for a given use case/inputs to help cable MSOs identify optimal access technology choices and deployment costs.

Bandwidth modeling –  Demonstration of a Bell Labs Consulting developed tool for forecasting future access bandwidth needs based on emerging applications and usage patterns in major geographic regions.

We also offer a set of short, insightful presentations covering:

  • Bell Labs Consulting – who we are, what we do, how we can help MSOs
  • vDAA energy and space analysis – a modeling-based comparison of distributed access architectures energy and space utilization
  • SD-WAN economics – a modeling-based analysis of SD-WAN revenue and profit potential and a framework to forecast SD-WAN’s net revenue over a 5-year horizon
  • Block chain technology –  an analysis on the impacts and use cases of blockchain technology in cable networks
  • Latency sensitive services via co-operative caching – an analysis of the convergence of edge caching and computing power for mobile and MSO networks
  • The future of wireless access – a techno-economic comparison of fixed wireless access and wired technologies

The future of MSO wireless networks – wireless functions and architectures required to enable wireless services in MSO networks, with an example economic analysis