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Innovations in IP Networking

IP Networks Reimagined - We will be featuring Nokia’s FP4 innovations, delivering performance and capability without compromise.  Building on three generations of our leading-edge network processors to set a new standard in IP routing silicon design, this demo will showcase Nokia SR-7s and SR-1s with Nokia’s FP4 chipset delivering 2.4Tb/s.

Network Services Platform – This demonstration will show how Nokia’s NSP performs insights-driven automation by incorporating both big data analytics through Nokia Deepfield and Nuage SDN control protocols. The NSP would automate both inbound and outbound traffic based on a number of network events such as congestion and latency degradation applied to a variety of network deployment scenarios: access, core and peering networks in a Multi-Vendor environment.

Nokia Deepfield - We will also be demonstrating Nokia Deepfield Cloud Intelligence and Defender products.  Cloud Intelligence will demonstrate visibility into multiple dimensional network traffic delivery including OTT and CDN traffic.  Defender will demonstrate DDoS detection and mitigation using BGP Flowspec.  Defender will also demonstrate integration with Nokia’s FP3/FP4 chip set for real-time streaming BGP Flowspec mitigation feedback.