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Innovations in Optical Transport

This demo will feature cable MSO commercial services delivery employing the 1830 Photonic Service Demarcation (PSD), Nokia Wavelite, Photonic Service Engine 3 and Wavesuite Health and Analytics.

Commercial Wave Services - With the need for higher and higher transport capacity by Enterprises,  commercial wave services are becoming a high growth addition to MSOs already success business services offering. Nokia well timed investment in the edge with the PSD and WaveLite, enables 1830 customers flexible, cost-effective extension of their transport to the customer premise.

The PSD allows minimal infrastructure investment while providing full rate OTU2 and 10GE services.  Easy deployment, Ethernet OAM and in-band management allow MSOs to aggressively, and competitively drive 10G wave services to a larger set of growth business segments including health care, education, public sector and finance.   

The WaveLite portfolio provides expandable service growth with a single 1RU hardware platform investment.  MSOs get a low cost 10G entry cost, and a path to expand to multi-10G, 40G to mutli-100G full rate, transparent waves services.