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28 Jan 2020 – 30 Jan 2020

DistribuTECH International 2020


Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center - San Antonio, TX, United States

DistribuTECH International is a key utilities event in the US. This year the organizer projects that 9K+ personnel which work for electric/gas/water utilities will attend.

Our industrial-grade private wireless, analytics, security, WAN, broadband and professional services capabilities along with the Future X architecture for power utilities will make for some rich use case solution discussions and a fantastic experience for our customers/prospects.


Nokia is Booth 1813

You can find complete event information on DistribuTECH 2020 at:

Nokia Booth key discussion areas

Nokia’s booth will feature 4 discussion areas that each focus on a specific utility need: future architecture, greater operational efficiency, enhance protection & safety and new revenues. Will explore with utilities in each area how Nokia can help them address a specific need through discussions of use cases that include: DA, renewables integration and new services with fiber.  A common grid/communications diagram will be used in each area along with references to the Bell Labs Future X architecture to reinforce it’s one integrated solution.                      

Future architecture - to empower digitalization, automation and new business models

Key needs from grid layer to business applications layer for DA and renewables integration use cases (as examples) will be discussed using the Bell Labs Future X architecture for power utilities. The Nokia energy use case library and its benefits will be explored.  A live simulated grid demo will be used to discuss pervasive connectivity with private wireless and its options/benefits (private (DAC & MPW), along with public/AT&T) with Private 4.9G/LTE and then 5G when needed. The benefits of combining Private LTE with proven WAN IP/MPLS service, security and management environment will be discussed. A static display of several WAN solution products (7705 SAR-8, WDM and microwave on a pole) will be used to facilitate discussions on the required smart network fabric and new WAN product features. Will remotely access the Energy Innovation Center (EIC) to discuss how to leverage it to accelerate innovation while lowering transformation risk. The use of Bell Labs Consulting services for strategic communications network transformation (including defining a future network architecture, total cost of ownership, etc) to make the future more predictable will be discussed.

Greater operational efficiency - tools to utilize daily with DA and renewables integration to improve workforce efficiency and asset optimization

The grid diagram on the pedestal will be utilized to initiate a discussion on how there is typically a mix of new devices as well as some old of which some might be near their end-of-life. Will use the new SpaceTime asset lifecycle optimization animation to show the real-time monitoring of assets, identification of those that require attention, determination of the extent of the problem (Ex: corrosion on line) and dispatch of crew for repairs.  Will highlight how it provides a single pane for analyzing and visualizing the lifespan and risk of network assets, including the likelihood and consequence of any failure. Will next use the grid diagram to discuss the growing number of devices (Ex: one utility is planning to deploy 1 million pole top sensors) and need to efficiently lifecycle manage these.  Will access an IMPACT system and show how to efficiently deploy a software or firmware update. Slides will be used to discuss needs and GS start-up & quick launch service and managed services to support communications in the context of support for specific use cases.

Enhance protection & safety - tools to utilize daily with DA and renewables integration to enhance security and workforce safety

Will use the grid diagram on the pedestal to discuss how malware has been placed on a device in the distribution grid. Using the NetGuard SMC html, will do threat hunting, select a malware incident and use a playbook to respond. Will next use NetGuard IAM to log into an adjacent legacy device (in EIC) to check its status and then show how it provides single sign-on to several systems in the EIC.  This will include accessing communications equipment via NSP and making an incorrect change that is not consistent with guidelines and then showing the alert and log of who made change using NetGuard ACM.  Will use a slide to discuss how all traffic in the grid diagram is encrypted using NGE – even teleprotection.  Will point to a remote substation on the grid diagram and talk about a person or animal scaling the fence and using the SpaceTime Scene Analytics html, will show an automatic alert and action. As part of the discussion, will explain how this can be used to enhance worker safety at substations, windfarms, etc.

New Revenues - leverage assets to transform your business models

The grid diagram will be used to start a discussion on the pervasive connectivity required for the grid and how assets (fiber/right of way/cabinets, etc) might be leveraged for new revenues. Three Navigant Research slides on utility dark fiber leasing revenue by year, clients and example ROI case study will be used to gain initial interest. A slide on new unregulated services with fiber will be utilized to discuss the broad portfolio of potential services (smart city, 5G CSP small cell backhaul, broadband, etc) and identify areas of interest for further discussion of Nokia’s e2e solution which simplifies their introduction and lifecycle support.  Use cases/customer case studies and/or FN solution use cases (including the OSSs) will be utilized. Slides will be used to discuss needs and GS start-up & quick launch service and managed services for these new revenue streams and business models.

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