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17 Feb 2020 – 19 Feb 2020



Phoenix Convention Center - Phoenix, AZ, United States

Join Nokia at NTCA RTIME - Booth # 95

Rural broadband companies are kicking up a firestorm of innovation in rural America. Helping to advance your community with accessible and affordable next-generation technology that’s high in demand allows your subscribers to stay connected locally, nationally and globally. RTIME produced by NTCA, brings together more than 2,200 thought leaders in the industry ready to push the limits and continue this track to success.  Together, we can accelerate innovation by learning best practices and connecting with one another. Phoenix, AZ, in 2020, is where creativity sparks, and innovation transpires. Take part in this opportunity to be a part of the excitement and learn more about what’s next for the industry and building a strong future for your business.

Ultra-broadband enhances the lives of everyone it reaches. At Nokia, our extensive portfolio of fixed network services and solutions spanning copper, cable, fiber and wireless technologies, you can bring ultra-broadband services to more people, more quickly, at the right cost for your business.  Join us at NTCA’s RTIME conference to learn more about the following topics.

Innovation leaders

Nokia Bell Labs is synonymous with invention, innovation and cutting edge technology. We are the innovation leader in every established and emerging fixed access technology, whether enabling gigabit broadband speeds over ordinary copper telephone lines, powering the world’s first 10 gigabit fiber communities, or developing advanced CPE that realize the potential of the smart home.

End to end

Our end-to-end solutions, professional services, consulting, maintenance and support services reduce risk and accelerate deployments, giving our customers the confidence to adopt new technologies, enter new markets, and extend the performance of their existing networks.

Nokia’s expanded portfolio of Nokia residential devices and gateways support intelligent mesh Wi-Fi capabilities while providing service providers with the tools and visibility they need to quickly resolve issues. With Wi-Fi 6 and Nokia whole home mesh Wi-Fi, our new gateway is able to deliver 5G speeds and low latency to every corner of the home.


Nokia is introducing several new additions to its Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) portfolio that bring greater flexibility to FWA deployments including CBRS & 5G radios. With CBRS GAA commercialization happening in 2020, Nokia has a complete end-to-end set of CBRS products that include not only FCC equipment certification, but CBRS Alliance OnGO certification as well.  Nokia can even train your CBRS Certified Professional Installers.  For CBRS and 5G, Nokia is a one stop shop for Core, RAN, Backhaul, and FWA devices.

Come by and discuss your network needs and migration strategies with one of our broadband experts.