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Glomo award

GSMA’s Global Mobile Awards at #MWC17

Nokia won an award in the category “Best IoT Innovation for Mobile Networks” at the 22nd GSMA Global Mobile Awards. This award recognizes Nokia for its innovative IoT (Internet of Things) end to end solution that includes IMPACT which is a standards based platform that securely manages any device across any protocol and application, and can scale to meet the growing IoT needs of our customers. Our solution provides an array of connectivity options including Low Power WAN options such as NBIoT and LORA. To help our customers explore new business models we have over 100 members in the IoT community that engage in collaboration sessions, agile prototyping and market trials with customers. The award was announced on 28 February at the World Mobile Congress 2017 in Barcelona, Spain.

GTI award

Nokia wins GTI Award – 4 times in a row

Nokia team named by GTI as “Nokia A Capella Team” won the GTI Annual Honorary Award during MWC 2017. GTI recognized following Nokia leaders in the “Nokia A Capella Team” Aidy Zhang, Yogendra Shukla, Ashish Dayama, Zhang Xiaobo, He Haixiao, Zhang Li, Noel Kirkaldy and Li Jun. Nokia is proud to win the “Nokia A Capella Team” award from GTI and it shows Nokia is the leader in globalizing and commercializing TD-LTE and paving the Path to 5G with its 4.5G Pro and 4.9G technologies.