Global operator Orange has chosen to work jointly with Nokia and Kathrein to provide a solution that can accelerate 5G deployment, underlying the growing momentum behind the new technology.

This new high-performance antenna system integrates both a multi-band passive antenna and massive MIMO adaptive antenna technology into a single unit. Nokia’s passive & adaptive antenna (PAA) provides a clear path to 5G by taking advantage of the cloud-based, highly scalable AirScale Radio Access solution. This offers advanced 5G massive MIMO capabilities and cutting-edge passive antenna design with 4x4 MIMO capability for all sub-6GHz frequency bands.

This new “5G ready” antenna is the first of its kind. It provides the highest level of deployment flexibility because it is field-replaceable and easy to adapt to any request regarding frequency bands and number of MiMo transmission channels. In addition, this innovation provides the integration of the new 5G antenna in a single common form factor, integrating existing antennas – from 2G to 5G – in an open, multi-vendor way. This allows operators to avoid long and complex site evolution negotiations, dramatically accelerating the pace of 5G network deployment. This innovative solution will significantly boost the delivery of high-performance ultra-broadband, essential for continuing business.

Nokia is a pioneer in MIMO technology, and has been developing active antenna technology over decades, offering a broad range of high-performance active antenna solutions both for existing network technologies and 5G.

Kathrein is a leading company in multiband antenna technology, with integrated 4x4 MIMO capabilities in sub-6GHz multiband configurations. The cooperation benefits from Kathrein’s proven experience in high-performance antenna design, manufacturing and deployment. “Nokia and Kathrein offer a unique combination of innovation and experience both in Smart Radio and Radio Frequency solutions. In collaboration with Orange, we are paving the way towards 5G,” says Kathrein Group CEO Anton Kathrein.

“Nokia is offering innovative site solutions for 5G deployment. In this case, we are developing a unique solution with Orange and Kathrein that enables the maximum utilization of the existing sites by combining a multi-band passive antenna solution with our 5G massive MIMO product,” says Rauno Jokelainen, vice president of Nokia’s Smart Radio Development Unit.

“5G will be a key technology to enable new use cases for consumers and enterprises. Orange is already working with its partners on deployment strategies to facilitate fast and effective roll-outs across our geographies,” says Arnaud Vamparys, SVP Radio Networks & 5G group leader at Orange.


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