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Partner releases

View selected releases from some of our partners and customers.

Title Release date
Optus makes 5G data call on 60 MHz using 3.5 GHz Spectrum
14 Jan 2019 View
M1 boosts network speed to 1Gbps with Nokia’s Licensed Assisted Access (LAA) solution
17 Dec 2018 View
BT to deliver the latest SD-WAN and cyber security services for IXOM
11 Dec 2018 View
Sandvik and Nokia collaborate to deliver Industrial IoT to mining industry over LTE and 5G Networks
4 Dec 2018 View
World’s first construction of environment for verification of 5G connected car to start test for commercialization - Utilize Nokia’s 3GPP standard baseband station for the test
3 Dec 2018 View
Rakuten Conducts 5G Trial at Rakuten Seimei Park Miyagi
16 Nov 2018 View
Loon and Telkom mark progress toward 2019 deployment of balloon-powered Internet
14 Nov 2018 View
Dell EMC and Nokia Team Up on Digital City Project to Deliver Goods using Semi-Autonomous Barges in the City of Delft
13 Nov 2018 View
The Fastest internet in the world already in Poland
12 Oct 2018 View
ID Quantique, SK Telecom & Nokia Secure Optical Transport System Using Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)
3 Sep 2018 View
Vodafone trials plug-and-play connectivity for regional Australia
3 Sep 2018 View
CHT works hand-in-hand with Nokia to implement 5G cloudification access its network architecture (Taiwanese release)
29 Aug 2018 View
VTT’s robot car, Martti, now “speaks 5G” and takes another step towards full automation
23 Aug 2018 View
5G on the move: Verizon and Nokia complete first 5G NR mobility call
17 Aug 2018 View
Current by GE Partners with Nokia to Unleash Smart City Technology Across Canada
24 Jul 2018 View