Nokia People & Planet Report 2012 published

Espoo, Finland - Nokia has published its latest annual sustainability document, Nokia People & Planet Report 2012. It covers the ethical, socio-economic and environmental areas most relevant to Nokia's business and its stakeholders.

The report is split into two broad themes: Nokia's efforts for people and the planet. This is premised on our sustainability vision of making great mobile products that help people improve their lives, and that are made with the best environmental and social practices.

The People section of the report discusses how mobile technology can be harnessed for the good of individuals and communities in areas such as education. Nokia's strategy of connecting the next billion to information and the Internet is bearing fruit, for instance, in the form of Nokia Life, our subscription-based information service delivered to mobile phones. The service reached over 90 million users by the end of 2012, more than doubling its user base from the previous year, and growth continued to start the new year, with over 100 million users by the end of March.

In People we also cover challenges we faced in 2012, and how this impacted our employees and some of the communities in which we operate in terms of redundancies and site closures. Although 2012 was a challenging year, we continued our commitment to support affected employees through our Bridge program, helping them re-employ, re-train, or become entrepreneurs. In fact, by the end of last year, nearly 1,000 new businesses had been set up as a result of Nokia's Bridge program.

The Planet part of the report covers Nokia's continuous efforts to improve the environment and sustainable development, from looking for improvements and efficiencies in our operations to encouraging people to use our technology to help them live more sustainably. HERE Drive and HERE Transit - Nokia's navigation and mass transport services - are good examples of how we can help people consider the environment in their everyday lives. Using HERE Drive helps avoid driving unnecessary kilometers and miles, thereby reducing CO2 emissions, and HERE Transit allows people to find their way in over 700 cities around the world using public transportation. 

The full report is available at

Nokia has published corporate responsibility reports since 2002 and reports about its environmental activities since 1999. We also included information about our sustainability performance in our annual report on Form 20-F 2012, which was published in March 2013.

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