Nokia and America Movil Ease Mobile App Purchases Across Latin America

Partners complete large-scale integration of Nokia Store and local billing systems

Mexico City, Mexico and Espoo, Finland - Nokia and America Movil, a leading wireless services provider in Latin America, today announced that they have completed a wide-scale integration project, which sees Nokia Store integrated with the back-end billing systems of America Movil and its subsidiaries in 17 countries across Latin America. The integration ensures a faster and better way to purchase mobile apps that work with Nokia mobile phones, including Nokia Asha smartphones.

The project is one of the largest-scale billing integration efforts in the mobile industry. Its completion brings ease and simplicity to millions of consumers in Latin America who rely on Nokia Store to access globally and locally-developed apps. It also helps the developers who create the apps and for whom Nokia Store represents a significant source of revenue. Today, Nokia Store has billing agreements with more than 150 operators in more than 50 countries - more than any other mobile ecosystem. 

The common billing infrastructure will support millions of micro-transactions involving mobile apps and other paid content. With one click, people who subscribe to America Movil mobile services will be able to purchase paid apps from Nokia Store, even without a credit card. The transaction will be applied directly towards their pre- or post-paid accounts with Claro or Telcel in Latin America. The ability to purchase apps from Nokia Store using only their Nokia mobile device will ease the process for millions of Latin American consumers who do not own a credit card.

"Consumers in Latin America want to enjoy new mobile experiences, including having a variety of apps, games and other content they can experience on smartphones such as the popular Nokia Asha family," said Marco Quatorze, Director, Value Added Services, America Movil. "Achieving this level of business integration with Nokia Store is just part of our ongoing commitment to add value to our mobile services, including giving consumers the ability to easily purchase premium apps and content from partners' app stores."

"Nokia Store continues to go from strength-to-strength in Latin America, aided by the boom in smartphone ownership and a growing appetite for mobile apps of all varieties, including free and paid," said Cesar Castro, Head of Mobile Phones, Nokia, Latin America. "Millions of people don't own a credit card, but want apps. We've solved that problem. Together with America Movil, we are making it possible for people to pay for an app by adding it to their normal phone bill. This is great for consumers and a big opportunity for developers."

A boost for developers
Mexico's Inode Entertainment is one such developer that supports the tight integration between Nokia Store and operator billing systems. With 200 million app downloads to-date, Inode Entertainment is one of a rich ecosystem of regional developers.

"Nokia Store is of vital importance to app developers in the region, as it is a key channel for showcasing and monetising our apps," said Jaime Enriquez, CEO and Director, Inode Technology, Inode Entertainment Americas. "In particular, we are pleased to see a better way for consumers to access paid apps quickly and easily, which translates into increased revenues for developers."

Nokia and America Movil have completed billing integration in 17 markets including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico and Uruguay.

About America Movil
America Movil (AMX) is the leading provider of wireless services in Latin America. As of December 31, 2012, it had 261.6 million wireless subscribers and 64.1 million fixed revenue generating units in the Americas.

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