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Nokia launches iSON Manager, KT trial shows 40% cut to energy use in LTE network #MWC15

  • Energy-saving function improves network energy efficiency
  • Automates multi-vendor mobile broadband networks to improve network quality and efficiency
  • Trial in KT's live LTE network showed reduced energy consumption by 40%

Barcelona, Spain - 1 March 2015

Nokia has launched iSON Manager, a centralized Self Organizing Networks (SON) solution for the automation of multi-vendor heterogeneous networks. The solution provides many new capabilities to improve network efficiency. For example, prior to the launch, during a trial in a live network with KT, the solution helped reduce the Korean operator's LTE radio network energy consumption by 40%. In the trial, the solution optimized the network by shutting down two of several frequencies during off-peak hours.

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Oh SM, Senior Vice President and Head of the Network Division, KT, said: "We are committed to deploying energy efficient technologies in our network, and are excited about the energy saving potential of the new Nokia iSON Manager. With the solution, we can significantly lower the energy consumption of our LTE network. The pilot project showed very good results, leading us to implement the solution across our LTE network. We expect iSON to further improve our overall network and service quality."

The newly launched iSON Manager comes with more than 20 off-the-shelf centralized functional packages with full coordination capabilities for automated configuration, optimization and healing of multi-vendor mobile broadband networks. This complements the distributed automation functions already built into the network elements. The solution uses advanced analytics to improve network performance in real time.

Nokia Networks recently launched a new cloud based OSS/CEM business model that delivers the Nokia iSON Manager software to operators fast and flexibly.

Did you know?

The size of the optimization and SON market is expected to exceed 5 bn Euros globally by 2018*. In 2014, Nokia won the GSMA award for implementing and integrating SON solutions with Telefonica O2 UK.

Click here to download a Nokia Networks iSON Manager infographic: iSON Manager provides brand new capabilities for mobile broadband networks automation.

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* Infonetics SON and optimization software market forecast October 2014