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Nokia Predictive Care identifies, solves network issues months in advance #MWC15

  • Uses predictive analytics for network performance
  • Enables up to 60% faster resolution for issues between network interfaces

Barcelona, Spain - 1 March 2015

Predictive Care can identify and solve network issues months before they impact network performance. It cuts software upgrade related site visits by up to 60% and speeds up projects for software upgrade by 35%. Nokia Networks uses machine learning to detect unwanted network element behavior before it can affect consumers.

Predictive Care extends the Nokia Predictive Services family, which is the telecom industry's first portfolio of services based on predictive analytics. The family also includes Predictive Operations, a managed service to predict network and service degradations in multi-vendor networks. In addition, it includes Preventive Complaint Analysis, which anticipates customer complaints, enabling operators to take action and prevent them from occurring in the first place.

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Deddy Firdaus, General Manager, RAN Operation Division, Telkomsel Indonesia, said: "Now we can really see to the bottom of our network's behaviour. Nokia's Predictive Care helps us to find hidden issues and solve them faster for immediate quality impact to our end users. We see this as a very useful and value adding solution for our network operations and maintenance."

Dealing with constant network changes:

Predictive Care uses big data insights to improve the quality, availability and connectivity of mobile networks supplied by Nokia Networks. Using machine learning, the service catches little streams of inconsistencies to detect anomalies in network element behavior.

Every minute, four Nokia Networks elements are upgraded somewhere in the world and more than 100 million data points define individual network performance every day. Predictive Care uses collective intelligence from hundreds of networks to constantly learn how products and networks react. These insights help operators to improve network changes, such as upgrades and launches. The service also trains the network to better control software upgrades and ensure correct element behavior.

Predictive Services family at a glance:

  • Predictive Care: It can identify and solve issues in networks supplied by Nokia Networks up to two months before they impact performance. Predictive troubleshooting and machine learning, coupled with insights gained from caring for hundreds of networks every day, help to prevent and solve problems at the system element level.
  • Predictive Operations: In 2014, Nokia launched Predictive Operations to predict network and service degradations for multi-vendor networks on average two days in advance. This service can improve the overall mobile broadband service quality for consumers by 15%.
  • Preventive Complaint Analysis: Nokia also recently introduced Preventive Complaint Analysis to predict and prevent issues. The service examines customer complaint data and identifies patterns based on which operators can optimize mobile networks and reduce customer complaints. The service helped one operator achieve a reduction of 38% in network and service originated customer complaints.

Did you know?

Nokia Networks is one of the top 15 software companies in the world. Its care services provide support for 600 customers around the world.

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