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Nokia's life-saving emergency alert system goes global #MWC15

  • Easy-to-use platform for public safety authorities to define emergency area and provide information
  • Operators can use their subscriber data to deliver alerts to people known to be inside an emergency area within minutes
  • Consumers get potentially life-saving messages directly onto their mobile devices

Barcelona, Spain - 1 March 2015

Subscriber data can be used by operators to help governments and public safety agencies to quickly and efficiently alert their subscribers to nearby threats. Nokia's Emergency Alert solution delivers potentially life-saving messages to mobile subscribers in specified areas, warning of dangerous natural disasters or other emergencies.

In many countries, where natural disasters take place quite often, government regulation has made it mandatory for operators to have a system in place for communicating emergency alerts. This is the case for example in Australia, the USA, and Japan. In the European Union, discussions about this are on-going. The Nokia solution helps operators to fulfill such regulatory obligations.

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Easy interface for government & operators for rapid emergency alert:

An easy-to-use graphical interface allows authorities to specify a message and area of delivery directly to the operator. The operator's side of the interface is integrated with its network traffic data sources like probes, Traffica and visitor location register (VLR) to select affected subscribers within 180 seconds and send them the message via SMS or cell broadcast. The system monitors the campaign and can produce detailed reports on delivery success rates to the operator and authority. It also allows operators to charge authorities for this service.

Nokia Emergency Alert Solution at a glance:

  • Supports different public entities, such as the police or fire service, requiring differing access levels and functionality.
  • Supports multivendor Subscriber Data Management system and can be deployed with multiple operators for full country coverage.
  • The solution has delivered more than 10 mn messages covering over 1,000 emergencies in one country.
  • Delivery success rates of 95% are proven in practice.
  • Reporting of exact delivery times and other details according to tailored key performance indicators (KPIs).

Did you know?

Nokia Networks estimates that the global market for LTE public safety networks will exceed 2 bn Euros by 2019.The UK Home Office has established a program with a target to build a new Emergency Service Network (ESN) that will provide mobile services for the three emergency services (police, fire and ambulance). Currently, it is expected that the ESN will go live during 2016.

Click here to download the Nokia Emergency Alert Solution infographic.

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