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Avantel, Nokia Networks to deploy VoLTE and LTE small cells in Colombia

Press Release

  • First Nokia Networks' VoLTE implementation in Colombia and Latin America
  • Nokia Networks' Flexi Zone to enable Colombia's first commercial LTE small cell network
  • Subscribers set to enjoy HD voice quality, rapid call set up times and superior data capacity

Bogotá, Colombia - 3 March 2015

Avantel, one of Colombia's fast growing operators, has selected Nokia Networks to deploy VoLTE* services in the country. In another pioneering initiative, Nokia Networks has implemented its award-winning Flexi Zone** LTE small cell solution to further enhance Avantel's network capacity and coverage in Colombia including major cities and rural areas - laying the foundation of the country's first commercial LTE small cell network.

Redefining Colombia's communications landscape with VoLTE and small cells
Nokia Networks and Avantel are geared up to deliver the dual-benefit of VoLTE services and micro base stations to customers in Colombia. With crystal clear voice quality and optimized performance under traffic load, complemented by a better network performance, Avantel's subscribers in Bogotá, Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla and Bucaramanga can look forward to best-in-class voice and data services that will soon be available across the country.  

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Deal scope at a glance:

  • Nokia Networks to implement and integrate its complete IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), Open TAS (Telephony Application Server), Home Subscriber Server (HSS) and Border gateway (Open BGW) to enable VoLTE services.
  • State-of-the-art Nokia NetAct network management system to monitor, manage and optimize Avantel's networks.
  • Nokia Flexi Zone LTE small cell solution to smoothly expand Avantel's network capacity and coverage with its macro parity, robustness and unmatched performance.
  • Nokia Networks to provide its Professional Services, including network planning and optimization and system integration as along with small cell planning and deployment to enable seamless transition to VoLTE. This Build-Operate-Transfer contract is also supported by Nokia Global Service Delivery.

Raul Amaya, Chief Technology Officer, Avantel, said: "To deliver on our slogan of "productivity without limits" to our clients, Nokia Networks is our first-choice vendor for enabling the roll out of VoLTE and small cells in Colombia. Nokia also is the sole supplier of our LTE network and together we have gained a crucial first-mover advantage in delivering an unmatched service experience to our subscribers, who are the heart of every initiative undertaken at Avantel."

Hermes Figueroa, Head of the Customer Business Team for Local Operators in Latin America, Nokia Networks, said: "With this engagement, we have moved an important step further in our ever-expanding partnership with Avantel. We are proud to drive an initiative that will earmark the beginning of VoLTE services in Colombia and Latin America - setting a benchmark of mobile technology evolution in our region."

Did you know?
According to the GSA (The Global mobile Suppliers Association), 80 operators in 42 countries (over 22% of the total of operators) are investing in VoLTE deployments, studies or trials. Within this amount, 14 operators have already launched HD voice service using VoLTE in seven countries.


Click here for a photo of Nokia Flexi Zone small cell.


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* VoLTE is a technology that provides crystal-clear voice quality. As a next-generation technology, VoLTE has multiple benefits for operators and customers alike. These include HD voice quality, faster call set-up times with voice continuity, and optimized performance under load. The overall data consumption and signaling load is also lower compared to over-the-top voice applications.

** Nokia Flexi Zone enables operators to increase capacity by deploying clusters of access points in hot spots and zones. The award-winning Flexi Zone is an LTE/Wi-Fi-capable solution which complements macro networks with an underlay of small cells at the street and indoor level. This provides significant performance benefits, macro co-existence, traffic offloading, simplified backhauling and low O&M impact so that operators can provide a remarkably rich customer experience in urban capacity problem areas while keeping the total cost of ownership much lower than traditional small-cell deployments