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Nokia Networks, Artemis to trial pCell technology

Press Release

  • Companies sign MoU to collaborate in the prototyping and trialling of Artemis pCell wireless technology
  • Artemis Networks LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rearden LLC

Espoo, Finland - 2 November 2015

Nokia Networks and Rearden LLC have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to jointly test ArtemisTM pCellTM wireless technology in 2016 with wireless operators, initially in large indoor venues and other high density areas. pCell has the potential to enhance the capacity of conventional 4G TD-LTE networks in certain use cases, while remaining compatible with unmodified devices.

Under the agreement, the companies will jointly offer pCell Proof-of-Concept deployments to selected Nokia Networks customers. The companies may extend the collaboration to consider further advanced features that could be enabled by pCells, such as precise 3D location positioning.

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pCell wireless technology highlights:

  • pCell technology brings a radical new approach to wireless that is intended to exploit - rather than avoid - interference to synthesize a tiny personal cell (a "pCell") for each wireless device.
  • This enables each device to use the full capacity of spectrum concurrently, rather than taking turns sharing spectrum with other devices.

Hossein Moiin, Executive Vice President and CTO at Nokia Networks, said: "In addition to creating transformative internal innovations, we continuously look for and evaluate external innovations to bring the most advanced solutions to the operators. We are keen to see the potential for pCell in enhancing 4G LTE downlink and uplink capacity given the rapidly growing network demands such as concurrent HD video streaming."

Steve Perlman, Founder & CEO of Artemis Networks, said: "We are delighted to collaborate with Nokia, the world's leading 4G LTE network vendor, to offer pCell Proof-of-Concept deployments to selected customers. pCell technology has the potential to significantly increase the downlink and uplink capacity of spectrum, while remaining compatible with existing 4G LTE devices."

Giuseppe Caire, Advisory Board Member of Artemis Networks and Professor at USC Viterbi School of Engineering and Alexander von Humboldt, Professor at the Technical University of Berlin, said: "The early trials showed pCell achieving far higher concurrent user capacity than any wireless technology I am aware of."


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About Nokia
By focusing on the human possibilities of technology, Nokia embraces the connected world to help people thrive. Our three businesses are leaders in their fields: Nokia Networks provides broadband infrastructure, software and services; HERE provides mapping, navigation and location intelligence; and Nokia Technologies provides advanced technology development and licensing.

Nokia Networks, which provides broadband infrastructure, software and services, operates at the forefront of our industry. From the first ever call on GSM to the first call on LTE, we have set the pace of innovation, a record that continues with future technologies such as 5G. Together with our operator customers, who serve close to 5 billion subscribers, we are embracing the opportunity of the connected world and helping to solve its challenges.

About Artemis Networks LLC
Artemis ( is the creator of pCell technology, achieving over 50x the capacity of conventional wireless systems, while remaining compatible with unmodified LTE devices and spectrum. Founded by technology pioneer Steve Perlman in the early 2000s, pCell is the result of over a decade of R&D and commercial refinement in the Rearden Incubator (  pCell technology is protected by a broad portfolio of fundamental patents worldwide.

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