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Nokia Technologies teams with Steinberg to fully leverage OZO audio technology for virtual reality

Press release

  • Steinberg and Nokia Technologies will provide content creators with powerful tools to create and deliver great audio for VR experiences

April 19, 2016

National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), Las Vegas, Nev.- Nokia Technologies today announced a strategic partnership with Steinberg, a leading audio software and equipment company, to deliver advanced post-production and live audio solutions to complement the OZO Virtual Reality (VR) camera.

The collaboration enables Steinberg's industry-leading Nuendo software to support Nokia's OZO Audio technologies starting in Q3 2016. OZO Audio, featuring full 3D spatial audio capture, a data-efficient audio format and high-quality 3D audio rendering technologies, will be integrated into the premier Nuendo software solution, letting Steinberg customers and partners produce immersive OZO Audio content efficiently using multiple sound sources, including sound captured by the eight microphones of the OZO VR camera.

"Hearing every sound clearly and in its right place is just as important for the feeling of presence in VR as seeing fully immersive images," said Paul Melin, vice president of Digital Media at Nokia Technologies. "The partnership with Steinberg broadens ecosystem support for OZO's audio technology to truly bring VR experience to life for consumers."

"Sounds create feelings and are a critical part of VR experiences," said Timo Wildenhain, Senior Marketing Manager at Steinberg. "We're excited to partner with Nokia Technologies in the development of VR audio content creation workflow to enable the best audio experience for VR."

OZO's spatial audio technology captures perception-based spatial audio information and allows the content creator to accurately reproduce the originally captured sound scene with a superb level of detail. The partnership with Steinberg will provide content creators with a powerful tool to use creative freedom and add new sound sources without losing the richness of the original sound scene.

Content creators interested in learning more can visit the OZO Blog to see OZO content in action or to learn more. Full specifications and purchase information are available through

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