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Nokia Foundation Award granted to Internet technology pioneer Jari Arkko

Press Release

24 November, 2016

Espoo, Finland - The Nokia Foundation has granted its 2016 Recognition Award to Jari Arkko for his broad-ranging, long-term contributions to the advancement of Internet technologies and the interoperability of the Internet.

Arkko is known for his passion to make the Internet work better for all different ecosystems and businesses. For the past 20 years he has been one of the key technical and organizational leaders in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), and since 2013 he has been the chairman of the organization.

In the technical domain, Arkko has strongly contributed in areas including Internet security, the Mobile Internet, Internet Protocol version 6, and the Internet of Things (IoT). He has driven, for instance, improved privacy in the Internet as well as helped ensure that the Internet is administered in a community-driven way. Arkko has also emphasized the benefits of interoperable standards for the Internet of Things ecosystem.

Arkko's approach has been instrumental in the refinement of the IETF standards process towards further openness and transparency. He has also been an active contributor in other standards communities such as 3GPP.

"The Internet is one of the greatest achievements of our time. It is a great pleasure to see Jari Arkko, a Finnish pioneer of Information and Communications Technologies, lead such a remarkable global collaboration project as the IETF. We are delighted to recognize and reward Jari Arkko's groundbreaking work with the Nokia Foundation Award," said Timo Ali-Vehmas, Chairman of the Board of the Nokia Foundation.

The Nokia Foundation has granted over 1 500 scholarships during its 21-year existence. In 2016, the Foundation will grant scholarships and awards totaling around 360 000 euros.

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The Nokia Foundation's purpose is to support the scientific development of information and telecommunications technologies and to promote education in the sector in Finland. The Nokia Foundation provides scholarships and awards for this mission. The Foundation was established on the initiative of Nokia Oyj in 1995; it is an independent, non-profit organization under Finnish foundation law.

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