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Nokia heralds 5G era with commercial end-to-end 5G FIRST #MWC17

Press Release

  • Nokia 5G FIRST end-to-end solution incorporates AirScale and AirFrame technology, including AirScale massive MIMO Adaptive Antenna, Cloud Packet Core and mobile transport to bring new capabilities to operators
  • 5G Acceleration Services to allow operators to design and implement 5G uses in their multi-vendor, multi-technology environments
  • With 5G FIRST, operators can capitalize on early adopter specifications to bring new 5G capabilities to homes, offices, sports or special event venues and industrial plants
  • Nokia and Intel will collaborate on commercial deployments later in 2017 using the Intel® 5G Modem
  • 5G FIRST based on industry specifications defined by the Verizon 5G Technology Forum ecosystem in which Nokia is a key member and is the basis of 5G service pilots being conducted by Verizon in 11 US cities

26 February, 2017

Barcelona, Spain - Nokia has developed a solution that will allow operators to rapidly address the huge demands of connected people and industries. Nokia 5G FIRST comprises its radio access network (RAN) including Nokia AirScale massive MIMO Adaptive Antennas, packet core and mobile transport solutions as well as a full service offer using Intel® architecture and the Intel® 5G modem for initial deployments starting in 2017.

With the introduction of 5G FIRST operators will gain a first-to-market advantage based on early specifications. In addition Nokia will use the lessons learned through real-world deployment to contribute to final 3GPP standardization of the technology.

While each operator has its own timeline for moving to 5G, some leading providers are eager to take advantage of the extremely high capacity and low latency connectivity it promises to deliver. To meet early-adopter demands Nokia will make its commercial 5G FIRST end-to-end solution available in the second half of 2017.

The radio access network components of 5G FIRST comprise new Nokia massive MIMO Adaptive Antennas for 3.5 GHz, 4.5 GHz, 28 GHz and 39 GHz frequency bands, the AirScale System Module, AirScale cloud RAN technology and software. Nokia has upgraded its AirScale and AirFrame platforms to 5G based on specifications developed by the KT Special Interests Group (KT SIG) and Verizon 5G Technology Forum and the platforms will be adapted to 3GPP as standards develop.

Leveraging Nokia's end-to-end network capabilities, 5G FIRST also incorporates the multi-access Nokia Cloud Packet Core and the Nokia Shared Data Layer as part of a cloud-native core architecture to deliver the flexibility, massive scalability and performance operators need to rapidly and cost-effectively deliver 5G services. A comprehensive array of mobile transport offerings from Nokia address the critical capacity, reliability and latency requirements of the 5G era.

Nokia will work with operators to meet their customers' unique needs. Leveraging its long history of Nokia Global Services and Bell Labs Consulting expertise, the company has extended its 5G Acceleration Services to include 5G transformation consulting, 5G phase one network design and 5G cross-domain architecture services.

5G FIRST is underpinned by technical specifications outlined by the Verizon 5G Technology Forum ecosystem. As a proofpoint, Nokia is working with Verizon and Intel to deliver advanced 5G services to homes in select Verizon markets such as Dallas, enabling next-generation video and entertainment services or other applications in the future, such as remote, in-home healthcare.

Ed Chan, Senior Vice President- Technology Strategy and Planning at Verizon, said: "Leveraging the Verizon 5GTF partnership specification, Nokia's 5G FIRST will accelerate the commercialization of 5G services to our customers. We are excited to partner with Nokia to bring 5G to the pre-commercial pilot cities in 2017."

Samih Elhage, President of Mobile Networks at Nokia, said: "We are able to leverage our breadth of expertise to deliver a true end-to-end 5G FIRST network and services solution. Working with operators such as Verizon we can help them tailor deployments to meet their own customers' unique demands and capitalize first on the opportunities this will bring. And we can leverage the technology to work with industries to identify new uses for 5G now under the 5G community program which will in turn open up even more opportunities for our operator customers."

Asha Keddy, Vice President and General Manager of Next Generation Standards, Intel Communications and Devices Group, at Intel, said: "5G marks an historic inflection point for the industry, and early investments in cloud and core networks, radio technologies and compute platforms are fundamental for realizing the transformative potential of 5G. Nokia's adoption of the recently announced global Intel 5G Modem for use in its upcoming platform called 5G FIRST is a great example our innovative collaboration and progress in helping operators accelerate 5G tests and commercial deployments."

Malik Saadi, Managing Director and Vice President, Strategic Technology of ABI Research said: "Nokia 5G FIRST features all fundamental building blocks that are necessary for a 5G deployment. The technology will allow operators to bulletproof their 5G strategies/implementations even before standardization has been finalized."

As a next step in a new technology collaboration with Intel, Nokia will leverage the Intel 5G modem* for initial deployments of 5G FIRST to deliver ultra-broadband to the home using fixed wireless access as an alternative to existing fiber deployments.  

Nokia will continue to expand development of 5G fixed and mobile applications working with companies in the 5G community as part of the ng Connect program, which brings innovative companies together to collaborate on solution concepts, business models and market trials. The 5G FIRST solution will be made available for testing by operators and third parties in Nokia's 5G Innovation City initiative in Espoo, Finland and New Jersey, USA.

At Mobile World Congress 2017, Nokia is conducting a series of live demonstrations including:

  • 5G home experience demonstrations showing delivery of HD TV with Intel and multi-player virtual reality gaming
  • 5G event experience with Nokia Bell Labs showing live HD feeds of a sports game to thousands with the ability to see close-ups, instant replays and augmented reality
  • 5G industry experience with Nokia Bell Labs using 5G to improve factory workflow automation via control of machines and real-time analysis of sensors, increasing safety, security and efficiency


* Intel® 5G Modem - supporting 5G operation in both sub-6 GHz and mmWave bands and Intel UE - 5G sub-6 GHz RFIC and the mature 28 GHz 5G mmWave RFIC; 2x4 or 4x4 antenna arrays, Up to 800MHz channel bandwidth

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