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Exercises with stock options of Nokia Corporation

Nokia Corporation
Stock Exchange Release
May 29, 2017 at 9:40 (CET +1)

Exercises with stock options of Nokia Corporation

Espoo, Finland - Based on Nokia Corporation's 2011 Stock Option Plan a total of 138 000 Nokia shares were subscribed for between January 1 and May 19, 2017. The subscription price was EUR 2.08 per share for 1 000 shares, EUR 1.82 per share for 42 500 shares, EUR 1.76 per share for 9 500 shares and EUR 2.35 per share for 85 000 shares. The total amount of the subscription price, EUR 295 900.00, will be recorded in the fund for invested non-restricted equity and, consequently, the share capital of the company does not increase.

The new shares carry all the shareholder rights as of the registration date May 29, 2017. The shares are expected to commence trading in Nasdaq Helsinki and Euronext Paris together with other Nokia shares (NOKIA) as of May 30, 2017. Euronext Paris will publish a notice announcing the admission to trading on Euronext Paris of the new shares.

The amount of Nokia shares after registration of the shares in the Trade Register is 5 836 193 012 shares.

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