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NOKIA : International financial group Crèdit Andorrà turns to Nokia to quickly connect data centers and branch offices globally

Press Release

13 December, 2017

  • Financial services company leverages SD-WAN technology from Nokia's Nuage Networks to rapidly provision network connections at new locations
  • Move will deliver much greater flexibility to Crèdit Andorrà Financial Group's business operations, enabling the fast ramp-up of branches and temporary offices
  • Project highlights Nokia's momentum serving customers in the financial sector that are engaged in digital transformation efforts

Espoo, Finland - Nokia has joined forces with Crèdit Andorrà Financial Group to enable the global financial services company to more quickly and easily connect its branch locations and remote sites worldwide to its corporate data centers and applications. With deployment of the software defined wide area network (SD-WAN) technology from Nuage Networks, the Nokia venture focused on software-defined networking (SDN) solutions, Crèdit Andorrà Financial Group now has a single, consistent platform to support business-critical applications for its global banking operations.

The Nuage Networks SD-WAN solution, Virtualized Network Services (VNS), allows Crèdit Andorrà Financial Group to dynamically provision new business sites, applications and both private and public cloud services and networks far more quickly than is possible with less automated WAN processes and infrastructure, enabling greater business agility for the bank. The Nuage Networks platform provides policy-based automation of quality of service (QoS) and security for each application and location as services are ordered through a self-management portal. The next generation Nuage Networks SD-WAN fabric will greatly accelerate service delivery while reducing operating overhead and costs.

With this latest initiative, Crèdit Andorrà Financial Group will enhance the speed and security of its existing financial service offerings, and enable it to extend those services to additional markets quickly and cost effectively. It will also enable the bank to establish and enforce consistent security and access policies across all of its locations, greatly simplifying regulatory compliance and reducing the need for large on-site teams to support each branch office or temporary project site, further reducing costs.

This agreement highlights Nokia's and Nuage Networks growing momentum in the delivery of business-critical networks for customers outside of the traditional communications service provider market. Large financial institutions around the world represent an attractive opportunity as they embrace digital transformation and seek to take advantage of the benefits SDN technology can bring to their operations.

Alfred Alcon, CTO of Crèdit Andorrà, said: "We are very pleased with our partnership with Nokia's Nuage Networks, as it allowed us to quickly and securely extend the reach of our financial services and key applications. Stability and security are key concerns for financial institutions when evolving an IT infrastructure. We are happy to report our Nuage Networks SD-WAN implementation is delivering on the expected operational cost reductions and accelerated service delivery across our WAN."

Manolo Ortiz, managing director of large enterprises at Nokia's Nuage Networks, said:

"We are proud to be partnered with Crèdit Andorrà Financial Group, an astute banking operation that recognized the benefits to be gained from SD-WAN and is now capitalizing on the technology to quickly capture more opportunities in the global market. The agreement underlines our momentum in this business, and is further proof of the success that SD-WAN technology can bring to different market segments."



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