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Nokia and City of Wrocław, Poland sign smart city collaboration agreement

Press Release

  • Cooperation agreement to help the city of Wroclaw integrate and speed deployment of citizen-centric digital smart city services, enhancing quality of life and local business development.

18 November 2019

Espoo, Finland  – Nokia has announced a cooperation agreement with Wroclaw city authorities outlining collaboration on the city’s strategic smart city initiatives.

Under a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), Nokia will work with the city of Wroclaw to improve existing city services and support design and delivery of new smart city connected services across healthcare, transport, education, security and local business incubation.

The collaboration will feature Nokia’s ‘City as a Platform’ approach, which provides the framework for integrated service development, delivery and management. Scalable and built on open standards, it allows an ecosystem of partners to build, trial and implement intelligent applications and services – enabling true city-wide innovation.

Chris Johnson, Senior Vice President Global Enterprise Sales, Nokia said: “More and more people are choosing city living for its economic, social and cultural convenience, creating a global trend toward urbanization. With this drive toward city life, cities need to keep pace, embrace the growth possibilities, both economically and operationally, and take smart city thinking to the next level.

“Our open and flexible approach of ‘City as a Platform’ provides Wroclaw the vision and tools to develop and continuously innovate to address and solve their challenges. It allows cities to address their own unique strategic ambitions and deliver superior services for their citizens.”

“For me the most important fact is that the direct beneficiary of the strategy will be city inhabitants,” said Jakub Mazur, vice-mayor of Wroclaw. “Our priority as we develop the concept of a Smart City is to improve citizens’ quality of life. Thanks to Nokia’s global network of smart city relationships, we can exchange knowledge and technology between centers around the world and benefit the economic development of our city.”

Initially, Nokia will collaborate with Wroclaw authorities on IoT-based access to care services for elderly and disabled, such as remote device monitoring. To enable a continuum of connected care services, Nokia will explore potential for its local start up incubation infrastructure ‘Le Garage’ to integrate applications developed by Wroclaw’s technology ecosystem.

Johnson added: “Wroclaw has a far-reaching vision of providing an improved range of services to the elderly, improving its transportation network, growing its base of small and medium businesses and overall, improving the quality of life of its citizens. Nokia is proud to work with Wroclaw and support its vision and approach wherein citizens and local businesses will benefit with the superior services and overall economic uplift.”

Going forward, Wroclaw smart city projects include:

  • intelligent transport systems that improve access to a public transit system for all, and that also reduce congestion, pollution and CO2 footprint
  • enhanced emergency response and closer agency co-ordination
  • a secure knowledge ecosystem of educational institutions, start-ups, multinational and regional corporations.

Wroclaw’s smart city initiative will also benefit from collaboration with the Santa Fe Institute based in New Mexico, USA and Nokia Bell Labs, New Jersey, USA. This collaboration of world-leading authorities on smart city deployment enables continuous exchange of information, analysis of global trends, and technology insights that support smart city development.

Nokia and Smart Cities
Smart cities offer the promise of greener, prosperous, more liveable communities for all of citizens. Many cities, who are in the midst of their smart city transformation, are realizing that to realise the full benefits of their initiatives, a new and more cohesive approach is needed.

Robust, proven technologies such as 5G, Industrial IOT and analytics allow for the creation of intelligent and integrated city platforms that provide a foundation for true city innovation.  With the Nokia Bell Labs Future X architecture for Smart Cities, communities can benefit from a high-performance network foundation and scalable city-grade platforms to bring together the intelligence within their smart city applications and services to fuel the continued economic and social growth of their city.

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