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Nokia selected by the Toulouse Metropolitan Area to deploy a private, shared, multi-service 5G and IP/MPLS infrastructure

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Nokia selected by the Toulouse Metropolitan Area to deploy a private, shared, multi-service 5G and IP/MPLS infrastructure

  • Winner of one of the 39 grants awarded under the European Union's "CEF Digital" call for projects, Toulouse Métropole and its partners are to deploy a sovereign 5G infrastructure.
  • As part of the HI5 project, the new network will be used to test various use cases before being extended to the entire metropolitan area.
  • The aim is to offer very high-speed mobile access services to innovation areas, improve municipal and mobility services and enhance public safety.

13 June 2023

Paris, France - Nokia today announced that it has been selected by the Toulouse Metropolitan Area, as part of the European HI5 project, to deploy a shared, multiservice 5G and IP/MPLS private network. The new infrastructure, which will initially cover a test area of 16 km2, will further enhance the attractiveness of the region by improving municipal and mobility services, while increasing public safety. It will also contribute to the competitiveness of its local enterprises through the development of innovation zones by offering very high-speed mobile access services.

As part of this contract, Nokia will deploy an industrial-grade 5G private and IP/MPLS network. This infrastructure will be used to validate with numerous users the relevance of these new services in the following areas: culture/events, transport/new mobility, education, public infrastructure connectivity and security. The following use cases will be implemented:

  • Connectivity and group communication for public events
  • Training of students in 5G applications
  • Extending broadband connectivity to rural/underserved areas with poor fibre coverage
  • Real-time analysis of video streams to improve community security
  • Fast video loading on the move (in the metro)

The main objective of this European project for Toulouse Métropole is to improve municipal services for citizens, establish a safer and more environmentally-friendly city, develop innovation zones and improve mobility services in the territory.

The current project covers an area of 16 km2, with the aim of rolling out the infrastructure across the entire 400 km2 of the metropolis, once the various use cases have been validated by the end of 2025.

Bertrand Serp, Vice-Chairman of Toulouse Métropole, said: "Toulouse Métropole, winner of the European HI5 call for projects, will now launch, with its partners, a digital development of the metropolitan area that will protect local businesses from the explosion in operating costs associated with these new needs. It is based on granular infrastructures of fibre, routers and technical rooms to create a complete digital infrastructure. This will enable the development of sovereign and independent 5G communications to offer new use cases and develop the connected and sustainable metropolis of tomorrow."

Matthieu Bourguignon, Vice-President Enterprise Europe at Nokia, said: “We are proud to support the Toulouse Metropole in its digital transformation. It is the first metropolis in France to acquire an infrastructure that brings the best of 5G and IP/MPLS technologies to its citizens. This is a testament to the dynamism of this region and its commitment to develop as a centre for innovation and economic advancement and improve the quality of life throughout the community. Nokia brings to the Toulouse Metropole our expertise in deploying high-performance IP/MPLS and 4G/5G networks for more than 1000 public sector agencies throughout the globe, with almost 600 customers for our private wireless network opportunities."

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