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22 Mar 2022

Industry pathways to net zero webinar


CSPs are at the center of an ecosystem that enables other industries to drive down their carbon emissions. Digital connectivity and technologies deliver new use cases that automate processes, substitute energy intensive activities and make operations more efficient. Our webinar will:

  • Review what’s driving the need for carbon emissions reduction
  • Quantify the challenges facing the most polluting industries
  • Identify use cases that can help four industries become cleaner and smarter 

Join Tim Hatt, Head of Research & Consulting, GSMA Intelligence and Clare McCarthy, Customer Experience Marketing, Nokia as they evaluate how CSPs can help industries achieve their net zero objectives.


Tim Hatt, Head of Research and Consulting at GSMA Intelligence
In this capacity, Tim has responsibility for consulting work across a range of topics and clients in the TMT sectors along with published research reports. Aside from writing and editing, he is a regular presenter at conferences, public speaking engagements and in the media. Tim holds a Bachelor of Science from Queens University in Canada, is a Chartered Manager from the Chartered Management Institute, and a Level 3 candidate in the CFA program.

Clare McCarthy, Society Lead, CSP Solutions, CX, Nokia
Clare is responsible for CX Marketing on Society topics. She has spent over 25 years in the telecoms industry and worked at BT as well as industry analyst and consulting companies.  Clare is passionate about the socio-economic benefits of sustainability and sees digitalization, 5G, cloud and AI as enabling technologies for a sustainable future.