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Always-on First Responders solution

Deployable secure end-to-end mobile broadband and video-centric capabilities.

With increasing man-made and natural threats, constrained budgets and growing citizen expectations, first responders need the most effective solution to succeed in their mission. They require real-time access to multiple sources of visual information supported by a reliable mobile broadband communications infrastructure.

The Nokia Always-On First Responders solution provides these secure end-to-end mobile broadband and video-centric capabilities, which can be deployed as a land mobile radio (LMR)/professional mobile radio (PMR) network overlay. This integrated solution supports real-time, multimedia information-sharing everywhere in combinations of video, data, and voice relevant to the unique operation and device in use. Such flexibility makes first responders more effective and safer by recognizing and analyzing emergency situations and enabling “anywhere” collaboration.

Integrating a range of professional services, the Always-On First Responders solution helps public safety agencies (e.g., police, fire, EMS) smoothly migrate their communications with next-generation 4G LTE and video technologies, improving situational awareness and creating connected agencies.


Solution Components

The Always-On First Responders solution integrates leading Nokia products and services together with qualified partner subsystems. It is designed to meet stringent industry-specific standards pertaining to service performance, availability and operating environment, and to be part of deployments,such as FirstNet.

4G LTE: A comprehensive, standards-based, end-to-end 4G LTE infrastructure (radio access and core networks) enabling the support of new broadband services (e.g., video, exchange of information in real time) to first responders. These new services complement their existing LMR/PMR networks, which primarily offer voice-centric services.

Backhaul/Critical WAN Infrastructure: Packet-based traffic backhaul/backbone for LTE (and LMR/PMR) networks, and consolidation of multiple applications onto a converged, secure, highly available and highly resilient IP/MPLS network with microwave and optical transport.

Video protection: Integrated systems of video surveillance (CCTV) dimensioned for tens or thousands of cameras with analytics for anticipation, real-time control and protection, which are enhanced with optimized first-responder mobile video delivery and sharing.

Cyber security: End-to-end design along with certified security professionals and superior technology to keep the network secure.

Operations Support System (OSS): A centralized umbrella management solution that enhances communications performance while providing a simple, efficient way to configure, supervise, and maintain complex multi-technology network infrastructures.

Professional services: Expertise to design, install, deploy, maintain (and even operate) public safety networks to ensure project success and minimize risk