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Connected cows!? An “udderly” new way to look at IoT

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We’ve all heard about connected cars, but what about connected cows? Yes, through the Internet of Things (IoT), cows are now going online.

By strapping wearable monitors on their livestock, farmers can now keep track of the health of their cattle on their smartphones – receiving alerts if a health issue crops up or if  cows  experience a difficult labour and require urgent assistance. The result is healthier cows, more efficiency in the business and more time for the farmer.

Connected cows, connected cars, connected containers - whether assets move around a field or around the world, the Internet of Things can keep track of them. This opens up huge revenue potential for communications service providers (CSPs) that provide enterprises with the connectivity and back-end systems needed to give them a reali-time view of what their assets are doing and where they are.

A shipping company may be intrigued by the ability to track its containers wherever they are in the world, but what are the practical steps? How will communications be handled? What technology will be used? What partners are there and what business model will be suitable?

Nokia is answering these questions with its Worldwide IoT Network Grid (WING).

Nokia WING is a managed service for all global IoT needs. Everything is included - full infrastructure provided as a service, provisioning, operations, customer care, security, billing to get CSPs’ IoT up and running and their enterprise customers connected.


We can help CSPs assess the biggest opportunities in their country for vertical markets, train their sales force and provide them with applications to sell to specific verticals, for example connected car, retail and agriculture – there’s those connected cows again.

CSPs can provide the IoT service under a white label in their markets. We are already working on many co-creation agreements with CSPs to scale quickly in the coming months. This kind of industry-changing IoT initiative led to our recent success at the TechXLR8 when we gained the IoT Leadership award.

CSPs and enterprises have told us that WING is the missing link that will fast forward the Internet of Things. We were delighted to have won the award, which was a clear acknowledgement that we are providing the IoT solution that business needs.

Find out more about how Nokia WING can change your view of IoT in this video.


Reach out to our WING team to learn more - we have 30 use cases across 7 verticals to share. And uh,  … sorry about the udderly cheesy pun in the headline.

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Carlijn Adema

About Carlijn Adema

Carlijn Adema is the Head of marketing for Nokia’s Global Services business group. She blogs about how the telco world continues to change our daily lives and gives insight in how CSPs can succeed in their digital transformation by using automation, digitalisation and AI. Dutch born, Carlijn holds a degree in economics and communications from the University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and currently lives in the UK.

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