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Life at Nokia: Eshani Johri

Life at Nokia: Eshani Johri

I joined Nokia in 2015 with the spirit of connecting the world as we are on the journey of the fourth industrial revolution. Industry 4.0 is about connectivity. It's an opportunity to radically change the way the industry responds to the needs of society. As previous industrial revolutions were led by innovations in manufacturing processes and systems, the advancement of industry 4.0 will be driven by a smart, interconnected, pervasive environment. This is new, this is exciting, and I am so proud to be at the driver’s seat to steer this change.

I currently lead all the distribution accounts in Europe as the Distribution Partner Sales Manager. I am responsible for driving distribution sales strategy and 2-tier sales coverage. Over the last two years, I have effectively utilized my interpersonal skills to engage with partners at an executive level to develop strategic initiatives that bring in new incremental business. As a result, distribution sales in Europe delivered an order intake of more than ten million euros in 2019.

I vividly recall when I joined Nokia, as a fast learner, from being a co-op student to being promoted as a pricing manager, I was enthusiastic to understand how Nokia operates. It didn’t take me long to figure out that I wanted a career in sales. Sales is a key area where one can execute the strategy of a company.

At Nokia, I receive tremendous support from my management and mentors which is essential in the early stages of one’s career. They have given me challenging roles and opportunities to grow in, explore, and learn from whilst guiding me. I have been rated as a top performer which was acknowledged by a Business Excellence Award in 2019. Subsequently, I was selected to be mentored by ex-deputy CEO Alcatel-Lucent France 2013 and currently the Senior Vice President of Nokia Enterprise, Europe. He runs a business of multi-hundred-million euros. My interactions with him have multifaceted approaches. They encompass honing my professional skills in a competitive and, traditionally, male-dominated industry.

 My consistent performance has earned me three promotions spanning my five years in Nokia. This has been possible due to my proactive nature in working towards the next role while I grow in my current role. This has allowed me to pick up the responsibilities of two roles over the past three years, giving me the perfect opportunity to prove my worth to Nokia and more importantly, to myself.

Apart from defined responsibilities at work, I have always been involved in activities that bring people together. I constantly look for purpose in what I do. Working with and for people gives me a sense of contentment and energizes me. I consider myself as an active agent in turning human resources from a “cost center” to a “profit center”. Currently at Nokia, I am a part of the Diversity Team. We work on rolling-out initiatives for attracting and retaining a diverse and inclusive workforce. Previously, I have been involved in the Home@Work team which focuses on Nokia-Belgium to provide a shared platform for employees to engage.

My experience at Nokia has been one to be extremely proud of. I have received excellent opportunities to grow in a multi-cultural environment. Technology is changing the world we live in for the better. I am passionate about technology, I believe in connecting the remotest parts of the world and I wish to see a future where people can start their business ventures from the farthest parts of the world just by a few clicks. When we connect people and things, we empower people and wonders happen.

Eshani Johri

About Eshani Johri

Based in Belgium, Eshani leads Distribution Sales for Nokia Enterprise in Europe. Prior to her current role, Eshani was based in Silicon Valley North in Kanata, Canada. Eshani facilitates and manages sales through indirect sales channels. She is passionate about driving business and is motivated to increase diversity in her workplace by rolling out initiatives focused on diversity and inclusion.
Eshani has lived and worked in 5 countries: India, Canada, Taiwan, Austria and Belgium. As a result, she has built a global mindset that manifests values of several continents. Eshani was brought up in a Defense family and therefore, she has moved houses more than 50 times. Her education is a blend of engineering in IT and Global Business Management. This combination empowers her to make good business relationships globally for marketing technologies.

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