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CEO statement on the Nordic Prime Minister’s Letter of Intent on the Development of 5G in the Nordic countries

23 May, 2018

As CEOs of the leading Nordic telecommunication companies, we welcome the letter of intent on 5G development signed today by the leaders of Nordic countries. A vision for a common Nordic 5G space agreed today confirms our region’s ambition to remain a leading digitalized and innovation region to the benefit of our societies. The challenge ahead is to make this vision a practical reality.

We welcome in particular the recognition by the leaders that the deployment of 5G will require substantial investments as well as the appropriate regulatory frameworks. Swift elaboration of specific, measurable and time-bound actions to facilitate 5G deployment eco- systems will be crucial to create the right conditions for private investment – the foundation of

5G roll-out. Appropriate spectrum assignment rules and removing obstacles to the deployment of 5G infrastructure should be at the center of such action plan.

We look forward to actively collaborating with the Ministers of Digitalization and Ministers responsible for the key sectors identified as well as other stakeholders on the follow-up to the letter of intent.



Börje Ekholm, President and CEO, Ericsson

Rajeev Suri, President and CEO, Nokia

Orri Hauksson, CEO, Síminn (Iceland Telecom)

Pernille Erenbjerg, President and CEO, TDC Group

Allison Kirkby, President and CEO, Tele2 Group

Sigve Brekke, President and CEO, Telenor Group

Johan Dennelind, President and CEO, Telia Company

Stefán Sigurðsson, CEO, Vodafone Iceland