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We create the technology to connect the world

Our vision

At Nokia, we are shaping the future of technology to transform the human experience. 

We are innovating the global nervous system, a seamless web of interconnected intelligence that senses and adapts to the world around us – a cognitive, self-learning network that fluidly responds and adapts, enhancing how we live and work.

We are pushing the boundaries of what is possible, to create new ways of connecting people and services instantly and effortlessly. From a foundation of integrity, quality and security, we help our customers navigate the complex choices of the connected world, to unlock its opportunities and enable new and extraordinary experiences in people’s lives each day.

That is why our focus is, and has always been, on people. We create technology that helps people thrive.

Our values 

It is through our people and culture that we shape technology to serve human needs. Our pursuit of performance with integrity and sustainability – a culture that stems from our Finnish roots – is key to why our customers and partners choose to work with us.

The guiding principles of our values are:


Acting with uncompromising integrity, we work openly and collaboratively, seeking to earn respect from others


We are never complacent, ask tough questions, and push for higher performance to deliver the right results


We take responsibility, and are accountable for driving quality, setting high standards, and striving for continuous improvement


We constantly refine our skills, learn and embrace new ways of doing thing, and adapt to the world around us