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My life at Nokia: Caroline Fischer

Caroline Fischer

Becoming an apprentice for a huge global brand like Nokia is an incredible experience – I remember walking down the halls, fascinated by the huge campus. I met and worked with people who had started their career the same way and they were willing to share their knowledge and experience with me. It was so exciting!

I actually never thought of how long I would stay when I started.

Over the past 18 years there have been so many opportunities for me to take, but luckily the internal ones were always more compelling. Nokia’s culture has brought so much more flexibility, team spirit and directness to my working life and I don’t want to give that up. For me this work culture was so easy to adapt to, it just felt to be exactly the right company for me.

Through my Finnish colleagues I saw how important combining work and family was to their culture. 

They had been so far ahead of us here in Germany regarding flexible work management, so when I became a mother myself I was confident that I would find an easy way back into work. I am able to work from home and spread my weekly working hours flexibly according to work or private appointments. Of course I’m not the only example, there area lot of parents who enjoy working here because they can arrange work and family so well.

Having the possibility to manage my work flexibly also means that I get to enjoy leisure time outdoors with my beautiful horse!

This gives me quality time to recharge my batteries and is a big part of my work-life balance. The two most important reasons why I like working for Nokia – and will continue to – are the high flexibility and also the multi-cultural colleagues I work with. You don’t find such a spirited, diverse, international crowd so often.

Nokia is an amazing company to work for. If you’d like to work in a fast paced environment but need flexibility then be sure you will enjoy working here!

Caroline Fischer, Networks, Munich/Germany