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Trainee interview: Sanna Suksi


We interviewed Sanna Suksi to hear about her experiences of being a trainee at Nokia.

What is your background?

I’m soon graduating from the Aalto University School of Business in Finland.  As my major, I studied Management Accounting and as my minor Management and International Business. Towards the end of my studies, I also became more interested in Business Technology and included related courses and projects to my studies.

What made you interested in applying for your position at Nokia? What was the application process like?

This position seemed like a great way to combine different skills and interests I have. During my studies I had gained some basic knowledge of quality management and process development. I was also excited about the idea of working for a tech company like Nokia since I’ve always found innovations and developing new technologies really fascinating. In addition, there was the chance to do a Master’s Thesis, which caught my eye.

After sending an application and CV through the web portal, I was selected for interviews held by my team manager and another team member. There was a second round of interviews held by HR before the final selection. I was well informed throughout the application process and overall was left with a good feeling about it.

What kind of trainee position did you have at Nokia?

I have been working in the Quality team at Nokia Technologies, where we are collaborating with businesses in implementing and developing Quality Management Systems, as well as providing support with quality related topics and practices overall in the organization. We are working, for example, on quality targets and internal audits. My role has included quite versatile tasks, supporting the team in QMS related practices and projects. I’ve also been working on my thesis for which I’ve, for example, interviewed R&D teams about the innovation process. I’ve learned a lot and got to be involved in quite many interesting things.   

What is the most memorable experience you have had while working at Nokia?

One really memorable experience was, when I got to visit the final event of a big internal idea competition right on my second working day. It was exciting to meet people from different parts of the organization, learn about all the things that are going on in the company and to see people pitching for their ideas. I was quite impressed and it was a memorable way to hop on board.

What is the most important thing you have learned during the traineeship?

I feel that I have gained more confidence in my own abilities to take on new challenges. Moreover, I can rely on the team’s support, and we are working together. There are things that can seem big and difficult in the beginning, but is important not to get frightened of that. Those are the things that usually give the best feeling of achievement in the end.

How would you describe Nokia as an employer?

Nokia being a large global company offers many opportunities for different career paths and personal development.  I think the business areas especially dealing with digital health and virtual reality where Nokia Technologies is involved, are really interesting, and provide many possibilities in the future as well. What has also struck me is that we have so many nice and extremely talented people working here.

What is on your horizon now? Which kind of career aspirations do you have?

After my traineeship I’m now continuing in our team as a quality specialist. I’ve grown more and more interested in working with quality related issues and wish to gain more knowledge in the area of quality management. In general, improving ways of working interests me. I’m always aiming to learn new things and to develop myself.

What advice would you give to somebody considering applying to a trainee position at Nokia?

I think that a trainee position is a great way to get introduced to the company and based on my experience I can really recommend it. If you see something that interests you, apply for it. Nokia provides many exciting opportunities for people with different backgrounds.