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Our approach and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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We work to bring about a more sustainable, socially responsible world.

As a values-driven business, we invent, design, and deploy sustainable technologies that make a real difference to people’s lives, and take responsibility for the impact we can make in the world.

We purposefully design technologies to drive social, environmental, and economic progress, and wherever we can, seek to harness the opportunities of connectivity for people and our planet. This includes actively pursuing ways to increase the energy efficiency of our technologies and products, minimizing the environmental impacts from making, distributing and operating them, and working closely with our customers and partners to reduce energy use and emissions across their networks.

Furthermore, we strive for the highest degree of ethical conduct in every decision we make, and every action we take. We rigorously tackle issues related to business ethics, privacy and potential misuse of our technology, and endeavor to ensure suppliers meet our high ethical, human rights, labor and environmental standards.

Beyond this, we engage actively with our stakeholders to contribute to global efforts to achieve a more sustainable, socially responsible world, and improve people’s lives with technology through social investments.