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Protecting the environment

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We are committed to protecting the environment and to the fight against climate change by making our operations eco-friendly, reducing the energy usage of the products we deliver to our customers, and helping other industries to meet their environmental goals.

We can see unprecedented growth in Internet data due to greater availability and use of smartphones and tablets, with masses of applications and services available on both fixed and mobile networks. According to a recent ITU report based upon data from Nokia, the sheer mass of mobile traffic in 2017 is set to reach an amount 85 times the levels seen in 2010. The number of internet users is set to rise to 3.6 billion in 2017, and the global telecom networks may well have to manage more than 5 000 billion gigabytes of data. With this growth come challenges as well as opportunities: how do we sustainably manage this continued growth in digital technology usage? How do we try to ensure that the positive impact of mass use and availability of technology outweighs the potential energy footprint of that same technology? How do we take full advantage of the use of our technology to reduce the carbon footprint of our customers, consumers, and other industries?

We believe it is not simply about incremental oneoff improvements in our equipment design but about investing in R&D and network deployment across the board in a judicious manner. We drive to develop networks and products that use no more energy in the future than they are using today. We believe our technology solutions have a major role to play in separating economic growth from emissions growth, while providing major support to our customers and other industries in helping to reduce their emissions. Read more about how technology can make a difference: GESI Smarter 2030 report.

As part of the fight against climate change, we aim to do our part in keeping global warming below 2°C, and therefore continued to pilot and further develop a science-based target setting methodology for our greenhouse gas emissions. We believe the implementation of science-based target setting would help us better define our greenhouse gas reduction targets to positively contribute to the fight against global warming. We have therefore established Energy Usage Goals and KPIs based on Science-Based Target procedures. Carbon Loading (tCO2e) and Emission Intensity (tCO2e/m2) limits have been established on a yearly basis for the 2017 through 2030 time period. 

We are the first telecoms vendor to have signed the commitment letter and submitted our emissions reduction targets. The targets are at the time of publication of this report under verification against a set of criteria developed by the Science Based Targets initiative. We expect to have the targets formally approved by end June 2017.