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Addressing human rights


Communications networks can play a significant role in enabling free expression, access to opportunities and ideas as well as social, environmental and economic benefits. We have a responsibility to ensure they are not used to limit or infringe on human rights.

During the 2016 integration of the former Alcatel-Lucent business, we had the unique opportunity to compare and combine the best practices of two existing human rights due diligence processes. Furthermore, we intensified the implementation of extensive risk assessment and human rights due diligence as an integral part of our global sales process in order to further mitigate potential risks and cases of misuse.

Transparency is an increasingly important goal for Nokia. In 2016 we published our updated Human Rights Policy and complimented it further with a public Q&A document. We continue to call for increased transparency from governments related to their surveillance activities and for greater clarity on the laws and regulations related to these topics.