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Our ethical business approach


We strive to run our business in the utmost ethical manner, following international ethical business standards and guidelines, and ensuring our own people understand, follow, and implement those ethical standards in their everyday business and work practices. We work to ensure decent working conditions and fair employment, taking into account international and local laws and guidelines. Health and safety is a key priority for us, both with our own employees and for our subcontractors. Creating a company culture where diversity, innovation, and continuous learning are encouraged is paramount to our success.

Our code of conduct

We are committed to follow and uphold the laws and regulations in all countries where we operate. Key principles and practices of our ethical business approach are set down for our employees in our Code of Conduct. We support, maintain, and constantly improve our employees’ knowledge and understanding of good ethical business practice by providing guidance, training, and continuous communication with them. We offer multiple channels to report ethical concerns, through a dedicated email address, online or via dedicated country-specific phone numbers. We respond to and investigate all concerns promptly and take any necessary corrective actions. All concerns are logged and tracked daily.