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We are expanding and enabling a secure IoT to automate and augment daily life

We believe that the IoT has the potential to spark a new industrial revolution that will simplify our lives, make our cities smarter and our industries more efficient. Bell Labs Consulting estimates IoT’s worth to be 36 times the potential value of today’s Internet by 2020.

We are expanding and enabling the IoT to automate and augment daily life.  This requires the migration to IoT optimized connectivity and robust operations capabilities. We have the industry’s most complete IoT portfolio including fixed and mobile connectivity, the industry-leading IMPACT IoT management platform, and comprehensive NetGuard security and analytics.  The result we enable is a simple and secure way of deploying differentiated IoT applications and services.

Ecosystems are critical to helping our customers innovate with new business models.  By collaborating with the IoT community in Nokia’s ng Connect’s global ecosystem, we are leading market trials to help our customers understand IoT commercial opportunities. Nokia also has strategic alliances with Dell, IBM, Accenture and Intel. In June 2016, we announced a $350M investment fund to identify new ecosystem opportunities for growing IoT solutions.

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