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We are pioneering transformative experiences through our virtual reality technology

Ozo and headset

We believe that immersive experiences can transform the way people understand, empathize and connect to the world. Virtual Reality (VR) can revolutionize how stories are told, how students learn, how sports are viewed, how places are traveled and even how pain is alleviated. The possibilities are limitless.

We are at the forefront of VR capture and playback technologies. OZO is the world’s first VR camera for professional content creators, capturing 3D 360 video and 360x360 surround sound. Introduced in 2015 by Nokia Technologies, OZO and its suite of software solutions is being used by creators from around the world, including Disney.

Beyond OZO, we are establishing a VR ecosystem (formats, player SDK licensing) to optimally manage VR workflows and content, and to offer new and compelling end-user experiences (in production, live broadcast, distribution and consumption of VR digital content).


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