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Go places you’ve only dreamed

Soar through the skies on a dragon. See the world through a refugee’s eyes. Take a front-row seat at the big game. Nokia OZO is our family of VR solutions that enable the creation, delivery and playback of virtual and mixed reality experiences that inspire awe. It’s time to experience life like never before.

Shift to a new reality

Introducing the Nokia OZO+ camera and suite of tools that enable content creators to bring virtual reality to life – simply, powerfully and efficiently.


Eight eyes. Eight ears. One purpose.

The Nokia OZO+ camera is built to create world-class immersive VR experiences, through 4K per eye, stereoscopic video and spatial audio.

It's simple and elegant, with just one memory cartridge, one output cable, and one video and audio file. Plus, with real-time headset monitoring you see and hear everything – right on set.