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Industry 4.0



Accelerating Industry 4.0 digitalization and innovation

Critical networks purpose-designed for your digital-era success

Digitalization is a catalyst for change. For industries, digital transformation brings the massive productivity, resilience and sustainability benefits of the Industry 4.0 era. For governments, it brings the tools needed to evolve economies for the digital age and create greener, safer, more inclusive communities.

By making high-performance connectivity more ubiquitous and accessible, we are securely opening up networks for innovation and collaboration to fuel the digital transformation of governments, societies and businesses in every industry. 

We provide purpose-designed mission-, business- and society-critical networking solutions that enable you to unleash the infinite possibilities of Industry 4.0 digitalization:

  • Accelerate the digitalization and automation of your operations with pervasive and secure connectivity
  • Realize your ambitions for a more digital, resilient and sustainable future
  • Redesign your physical operations in real time, optimizing for efficiency, productivity, agility and safety
  • Operate more effectively so you can meet your most ambitious goals
  • Maintain the continuity of your operations no matter how markets shift or environmental conditions change
  • Set the stage for supercharged innovation and the industrial metaverse

What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0, also known as the fourth industrial revolution, enables enterprises, governments and public sector agencies to use innovative digital technologies, smart automation and advanced analytics to transform their operating processes. This blending of technologies creates a convergence of the physical and digital worlds, enabling an era of massive industry improvements and positive impacts for societies.

The journey to Industry 4.0 is powered by ubiquitous connectivity, cloud computing and rich data. It requires high-performance networks that can integrate with legacy environments to support critical processes with strong security, 24/7 availability, high speed and ultra-fast responsiveness. These networks must connect all machines, people and processes and offer deep data insights that can enable agile and proactive operations. 

Meet the Industry 4.0 heroes leading the way to digital transformation

Forward-thinking enterprises across many sectors are building a foundation for Industry 4.0 with proven, high-performance network solutions that provide ubiquitous connectivity for enhanced automation and digitalization use cases. See how these Industry 4.0 heroes are harnessing the exponential potential of networks to turn their digital transformation visions into reality.

How can governments and the public sector benefit from Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 helps governments use digital-era technologies to connect underserved areas and close the digital divide. When every citizen is connected and services are made more accessible, economies thrive and communities can be more sustainable and inclusive.

For public sector agencies focused on public safety, healthcare and defense, digital transformation is about keeping frontline workers and communities safe. It provides the tools they need to respond faster and safer and make better-informed, split-second decisions when it matters the most. 

See how society-critical networks fueled by Industry 4.0 can make a difference for communities around the globe.

Improving industry resilience with digital transformation

Enterprises in every industry want to use digitally driven operations to increase their productivity, agility and operational resilience. Dynamic, intelligent networks will play a central role in helping enterprises achieve these ambitions.

With networks that sense, think and act, you can transform your business from end to end so that you’ll be able to recover quickly and maintain your output when unexpected or uncontrollable events occur. You can also ensure that you’ll be ready to adapt and respond effectively whenever new market opportunities arise. 

Find out how digitalization enabled by industrial-grade connectivity can make any enterprise more resilient.

“Communications technology, digitalization and cloud technologies are central to the transition to a zero-emissions economy.”
Dr Ajay Gambhir
Grantham Institute for Climate Change

Using digitalization to provide paths to sustainability

Sustainability has become an environmental and financial imperative for enterprises. It’s not just about avoiding costly fines from regulators. Companies that meet sustainability targets can unlock growth by supporting new business models. They’re also more attractive to customers that want suppliers who can help them meet their own sustainability commitments.

Digitalization provides paths to sustainability with tools such as pervasive connectivity, cloud, advanced analytics and industrial automation. Fueled by the Industry 4.0 goals of efficiency, productivity and agility, digitalization brings new ways to connect people and workplaces, accelerate the shift to more sustainable business practices and measure environmental impacts with greater intelligence built into the entire operation. There is no green without digital.

Building a foundation for Industry 4.0 digitalization

Pervasive, secure and ultra-reliable high-bandwidth connectivity provides the essential foundation for the digital transformation of enterprises, governments and public sector agencies.

Whether your Industry 4.0 vision calls for networks built on 4.9G/LTE or 5G, mission-critical IP/MPLS, optical fiber access, microwave or optical transport, you need end-to-end solutions that make high-performance connectivity more consumable for your workers, sensors, machines and processes.

Find out how enterprises are embracing Industry 4.0 with wired and wireless networks that deliver future-ready performance.

Industry 4.0 solutions designed for you

We can use our industry expertise and best-in-class technologies to create a purpose-built solution that will help you accelerate your digital transformation journey and succeed with your Industry 4.0 vision. Our offers span fixed and wireless connectivity, industrial edge computing and agile data center fabric solutions. We also offer ruggedized industrial devices and an ecosystem-neutral catalog of digital applications and connectors.

Our solutions are designed by specialists with deep experience in deploying critical networks that meet the stringent demands of industry and public sector organizations. Trust our team to architect the perfect solution for your digital transformation based on your performance requirements and business goals.

Industry 4.0 brings tremendous benefits to many industries

While each business has its own unique needs and requirements, the underlying challenges are often surprisingly similar. Our Thomas Hainzel explains how Industry 4.0 use cases are applicable across many industries from automotive and manufacturing to mining, healthcare and retail.

The use cases of Industry 4.0 extend beyond manufacturing

How digitalization and Industry 4.0 applications are reshaping industries

Enterprises across all industries are embracing digitalization to make their operations safer, greener and more efficient. Find out how pervasive connectivity and innovative digital technologies are helping to unlock the potential of Industry 4.0.

Explore the potential networks can bring to your industry

Whether you are digitalizing railways, modernizing energy grids or providing broadband connectivity to underserved areas, our mission-critical network solutions will help you reach your goal and deliver impact at scale.

“Nokia offers end-to-end solutions unlike any other vendor.”
John Brannon
CEO, Lightspeed Technologies

Building Industry 4.0 ecosystems of excellence

Digitalized industries and thriving, inclusive societies aren’t built in silos. When a broad ecosystem of experienced partners work together to plan and build extraordinary technology solutions for your unique needs, great value and outcomes are sure to follow. As a recognized B2B technology innovation leader for Industry 4.0, Nokia is privileged to collaborate with:

  • Industrial ecosystem partners that can provide cutting-edge Industry 4.0 solutions and practical experience in implementing 5G 
  • Service providers that can help you forge connections by offering deep networking expertise and bridging spectrum divides
  • Cloud system integrators and consultants that can streamline architectures and deployment within your existing environment

We play a leading role in key industry associations, including 5G ACIA, IC4F and O-RAN. And we’re proud to collaborate on Industry 4.0 innovations with leaders and innovators such as EY, DXC, IBM, Microsoft, Rohde & Schwarz, Bosch, Toyota, Verizon, AT&T, Vodafone, Konecranes, Sandvik, Komatsu, OSIsoft, MIR and Omron.


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Opening new frontiers through digitalization and innovation

Innovations in areas such as industrial automation, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), 5G advanced, 6G and the industrial metaverse will shape the future of industry and the public sector. Opening up networks for innovation and collaboration is key to unlocking the next wave of value in new applications, business models and use cases.

Find out how we’re pioneering the future to create more accessible networks for everyone, delivering sustainable impact through digital transformation.

Upskilling for the Industry 4.0 future

Nokia Bell Labs 5G certification program: Discover an industrial automation networks course that brings the 5G experience to life

Accelerate your digitalization journey

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