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Network Digital Twin

Use a virtual replica of your network to make your industrial site more efficient and productive

Nokia Network Digital Twin enables you to monitor your network operations in real time and predict maintenance needs and potential downtime in advance. It helps you increase efficiency and productivity by reducing disruptions in your production.

The solution provides a virtual representation of your communications network along with its operating environment. You can use the Network Digital Twin to:

  • View the network from the vantage point of Nokia Industrial devices
  • Ensure that network service-level agreements (SLAs) are being met
  • Take recommended actions in case of sub-optimal network performance
  • Test new scenarios without impacting the current environment

The Network Digital Twin helps you get the most out of your private wireless network in your Industry 4.0 journey. It is pre-tested with Nokia Digital Automation Cloud and Modular Private Wireless.

Make your industrial site smarter with Nokia Network Digital Twin

Full digitalization and Industry 4.0 need data to materialize. Manufacturers that have deployed private wireless networks in their shop floors or factories often have to operate blindly with very limited data. With the Network Digital Twin, you gain visibility and capabilities that enable you to:

Understand what has happened in the network, what is happening now and what will happen in case you introduce new use cases

Identify performance or coverage gaps before you introduce automated or semi-automated machines into your factory

Gain valuable insights about your network's performance and the way your end devices experience it

Automate troubleshooting processes and resolve problems without having to dispatch workers to local campuses

Why choose Nokia Network Digital Twin?


  • Pervasive wireless coverage for critical operations
  • Improved awareness of changing network dynamics
  • Always-connected industrial devices
  • Support for predictive maintenance

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