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Connected workers

Improve worker safety, collaboration and engagement to drive new levels of efficiency and productivity for manufacturing.

Making connected workers a reality in manufacturing

Connected worker solutions are key to overcoming critical workforce challenges — worker shortages, retention issues, difficulty attracting new talent — and to achieving the efficiency and productivity needed to outperform the competition. But choosing the right connected worker strategy and solutions is crucial to successful implementations.

No matter what stage of evolution you’re at today, you need a cohesive approach that quickly delivers maximum business benefits and scales easily to extend those benefits throughout your operations.

The most successful connected worker implementations give workers access to new capabilities at the point where they need to make a decision or take an action. These implementations rely on three essential elements:

  • Secure, always-on worker connectivity, especially for mission- and safety-critical applications 
  • Access to the right data and information at the right time so people, machines and processes can work as one 
  • A connected worker platform that provides the capabilities, capacity and performance you need to smoothly expand and accelerate your connected worker program

We help manufacturers of all sizes, and in all industries, get from here to there.

Start with use cases that address your biggest needs

The use cases that make the most sense for your operations will depend on your current challenges and long-term goals for digitalization.

When evaluating use cases, remember:

  • Connected workers solutions seamlessly integrate with existing networks, systems, and technologies so there’s no need for a rip-and-replace approach.
  • You can start with a pilot project and expand from there.
  • Connected workers solutions meet the security requirements in mission-critical operational technology environments.

Here are a few examples of what’s possible with connected worker solutions available today.

Connect workers

Provide the network performance, scope and scale needed to reliably and securely connect workers, increase safety and support mission-critical operations.

Engage workers

Integrate workers with operational technology (OT) and IT assets and processes so they become an essential part of the system.

Empower workers

Give workers the right tools and information at the point of decision and action to enable more collaborative and innovative operational advances and continuous improvement.

Learn how industry leaders are connecting their workforces

Leading manufacturers across industries are already taking advantage of digitalization Use Cases, including connected worker solutions as part of their digitalization strategies. Find out what they’re doing and the real-world business benefits they’re gaining.

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Bosch creates smart factory infrastructure with private 5G

Simplify your journey with the Nokia one platform for industrial digitalization

The Nokia one platform for industrial digitalization is designed to be at the heart of every connected worker and Industry 4.0 use case you implement. It includes everything you need to seamlessly connect workers, information, assets and machines throughout your manufacturing facilities:

  • Secure and reliable wireless connectivity 
  • Industrial edge computing
  • Ecosystem-neutral applications
  • Ruggedized and certified industrial devices

Build a robust and secure foundation to support connected workers

With our broad portfolio of proven technologies, we’re ready to support every aspect of your evolution to connected workers and beyond.

Let us help you make connected workers a reality

Empower your organization to accelerate digitalization. Contact us to get started.

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