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5G 強力な第1歩
5G 強力な第1歩

Nokia delivers 5G

Draw on Nokia’s experience and comprehensive product and services portfolio to evolve your network 5G. We’ve launched many 5G networks already and have a robust 4G network to underpin your early 5G NR NSA deployments. Our product portfolio supports your journey to a cloud-native and programmable standalone 5G network, and delivers the performance and scalability you need from the RAN to the core.




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Our AirScale Radio Access portfolio enables you to achieve the extreme capacity, massive connectivity, and ultra-low latency of 5G. AirScale Cloud RAN delivers cloud agility.

Nokia 5G Anyhaul brings flexibility and scalability to your transport layer. It provides a single transport architecture for microwave, IP, optical, and broadband.

Our core network solutions simplify your operations and provide the agility and performance you need for innovative 5G services.


Efficiently deploy and operate 5G networks with 5G services



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