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Fiber for Everything

One fiber broadband network. Many opportunities.

PON fiber broadband networks that just keep on delivering

Fiber is the fastest, greenest, and most widely deployed broadband technology. And it keeps getting better.

The advances in fiber performance mean fiber broadband can do more than just fiber-to-the-home. Fiber is everywhere, so it can be used to connect everything: homes, businesses, industry 4.0, smart cities, and 5G cells. All on the same fiber infrastructure.

Fiber for Everything means operators can deliver all their services on a single, high performance fiber network, generating more revenues, introducing 5G small cells more quickly, reducing power consumption, and lowering the total cost of ownership.

Welcome to the Fiber for Everything future.

Let there be Lightspan

Meet the industry’s first access node for Gen6 of broadband. The Nokia Lightspan MF family of software-defined fiber access nodes is designed to provide non-blocking delivery of massive scale, high-speed broadband services with 25G PON, 50G PON and beyond.  

Discover Nokia Lightspan MF


Converging all services on one fiber broadband network makes business sense. With Fiber for Everything operators make money and save money.

Lower cost

Lower total cost of ownership 30% to serve enterprise customers 

Lower power

Decrease power consumption up to 40% with most energy efficient technology

Faster to 5G

Deploy 5G more rapidly with 50% lower transport cost

Discover the potential of your fiber broadband enabled by technology advances

Innovation of fiber networks is unstoppable. Today we can achieve 100x higher speeds than just 15 years ago, lower the latency to under 1ms, automate and slice them. These innovations have enabled new use cases for fiber and more efficient sharing of fiber between different services and organizations.

Delivering secure business services at lower cost

Advances in methods to separate, encrypt and secure data on PON networks provide mission-critical security on a par with dedicated point-to-point connections. These breakthroughs make PON a serious contender for business services.

Omdia analysis of PON for enterprise connectivity

Converging multiple services – for example, residential and business broadband – onto a single PON network makes a compelling business case. Based on interviews with operators, this paper explores the benefits and challenges of adopting a convergence strategy.

Moving Toward Unified Access: Proximus and AT&T discuss 25G

Networking experts from AT&T and Proximus joined Omdia to discuss the expanding role of PON in supporting different types of customers and applications.

Both AT&T and Proximus have deployed XGS-PON and are looking at 25G PON as a step beyond. The evolution of PON is enabling both operators to extend service portfolio and move toward the goal of a future-proof, fiber-based unified access network.

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